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Fun With Flags!!!!


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2 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:


Actually really good looking. Any insight on what the stars represent?

the 24 stars represent all of the cities, towns, and incorporated villages (unincorporated villages are not represented) that were amalgamated into the City of Greater New York in 1898


The inner circle of three stars represents the cities:

  • New York City, then already including what is today the Bronx.
  • The City of Brooklyn, which had by then absorbed the whole of Kings County.
  • Long Island City in Queens County.

The middle circle of nine stars represents the towns:

  • In Queens County, Newtown, Flushing, Jamaica, and the Rockaway Peninsula of the Town of Hempstead.
  • In Richmond County, Castleton, Northfield, Southfield, Westfield, and Middletown.

The outer circle of twelve stars represents the incorporated villages:

  • In Queens County:
    • In Flushing, the Village of Flushing, College Point, and Whitestone.
    • In Jamaica, the Village of Jamaica and Richmond Hill.
    • In the Rockaway Peninsula of the Town of Hempstead, Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach, and Averne-by-the-Sea.
  • In Richmond County:
    • Coterminous with Castleton, New Brighton.
  • In Northfield, Port Richmond.
  • In Middletown, Edgewater.
  • In Westfield, Tottenville.
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4 hours ago, Pharos04 said:


[NYC Police Department flag]


NYC Police Department


That's actually a pretty solid flag. It doesn't pass the test of "immediately recognizable to what it represents" (I would've guessed a state in Brazil), but it's much more preferable than the NYPD patch slapped on a blue field.

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23 minutes ago, DiePerske said:

So, a question. What colours should the mountains be in the NYS flag? I have two flags, one with all green and the other grey and green.


@Ferdinand Cesarano might be of help here.


Well, I am strictly a downstater. But, if the choice is between green mountains and anything else, I say go for the green mountains, simply as a symbolic rebuke to Vermont, whose terroristic Green Mountain Boys in the early 1770s harassed and eventually drove out settlers who had property deeds granted by the Province of New York to land that was legally part of New York.


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On 9/21/2018 at 7:45 AM, stumpygremlin said:

So many questions! That bear is so small, what is it made of? Then by contrast, the flag should also be invisible! Also, it's using electron orbits to suspend itself from, which makes no sense! (sarcasm intended)

it's actually just a particularly hairy tardigrade.

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So a local young professionals group decided that an unincorporated suburb of New Orleans needed a flag. The Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals unveiled their flag for Metairie - an unincorporated area on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish (county for everyone else int he country). From the linked article below:



The most notable attributes of the flag are its three golden fleurs and coeurs de lis (flowers and hearts of the lily) balanced in a coupling of trinity arrangements, respectively representing tradition, wisdom, prosperity, opportunity, faith, and innovation. The red and blue foundation and aspirational thin, white stripe signify the principles of natural liberty and equal justice guiding a limited, transparent government.


The flag’s silent motto is “Ardentibus Cordibus Floremus” or, more simply, “With ardent hearts, we flourish.” This maxim is an overture to the strength and potential of Metairie, its people in collaboration with the community from freshly blossomed couer de lis to fully mature fleur de lis, continually renewing and growing.





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If you're a vexillophile and an NBA fan, New Era's new Tip Off collection is for you: https://www.lids.com/search/nba tip off 59fifty


Some of these turned out pretty well!




Not sure how they decided whether to use city or state flags, I would've liked to see how some of the California teams in particular would've turned out with their city flags.

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3 hours ago, ChicagoOakland said:

There's no way they made a cap out of Milwaukee's horrorshow flag, right? RIGHT?





:censored:ing dope.


All those hats are good looking and well done. Phoenix, Washington, New York, Denver, and Indiana are my favorites.

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On 10/4/2018 at 5:25 PM, Zeus89725 said:


:censored:ing dope.


All those hats are good looking and well done. Phoenix, Washington, New York, Denver, and Indiana are my favorites.

Agreed. Somehow they made it work.

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I once had a car but I crashed it. I once had a guitar but I smashed it. I once, wait where am I going with this?

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  • 4 months later...

Hello Young Sapien, the flag of the infamous Aum Shinrikyo death cult was a good-looking banner.




As as far as cult flags go, it’s better than the Branch Davidian one.




The sperm eel (or serpent/snake) really nails it. Yes, that terrible phrasing was intentional.


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