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infrared41's Best and Worst 2016 - NFL Week 14


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Week 14 was pretty solid. We had one outstanding match up, some really good looking match ups, and a couple not so great match ups. As always, the lists are just my opinion. 





1. Steelers - Bills: It's finally "any other week" for the Steelers. Two great uniforms and it was snowing. This game was the easy choice for the top spot. Every game should look this good.





2. Cowboys - Giants: A match up of two classic uniforms - almost. For this one to be a true "classic", the Giants need to go back to the gray pants. The white pants look ok, but the gray looks so much better. Still a really good looking game. 





3. Jets - 49ers: I would have liked this one more if the Jets had gone all white, but the green pants worked well enough. A match up of red, green, and gold. There's a holiday reference in there somewhere, but I can't get the bat off my shoulder.





4. Seahawks - Packers: Hard as I try not to, I like the Seahawks all gray and all white combos. Throw in the Packers and here we are - Seattle's annual appearance on the best list. 





5. Washington - Philadelphia: Pretty good looking game. I wish I had more to say about it.





Honorable Mention:


Bears - Lions and Texans - Colts: Beating a dead horse alert...The Bears and Texans would have looked better in all white.








1. Bengals - Browns: Last week, I asked if snow makes every NFL game look better. Turns out the answer to that question is no. 





2. Saints - Buccaneers: Our contributory negligence game of the week. 70% of the blame for this one is on the Bucs. The black pants alone are good for 30% for the Saints.





That's it for this week. Thanks for taking a look. 





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Bengals/Browns just can't get right this year. the first matchup was almost all orange, this one almost all the dark colors which look the same from a distance. 


don't think there's a better helmet matchup than Cowboys and Giants. and the depth in that blue of the Giants helmet never really shows up on tv or pictures. paired against the 'Boys silver and those classic logos. perfection

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If a Bills/Steelers matchup in the month of December did not feature snow (regardless of who's hosting), there would be no justice in the universe. The Bills' home is one of the best uniforms in the league, and I love the Steelers' set, so that one was an easy #1 for me.


I actually can't agree in regard to the Giants' pants. The white pants are perfect for them, in my book. I think the color balance is much better with the white pants than the grays - there's no other gray elements in their uniform, other than the facemask, which is practically a default option for facemasks for old-line NFL teams in this day and age. Having gray pants with a uniform that barely features gray otherwise is a bit off-balance. Plus, the royal blue and white pair together so well - better than the blue and gray (not that that's a bad combo, granted).

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Just purely personal opinion here and not intended as a knock, but I don't know that white jersey/colored pants in general hurt matchups to me as much. It's a case by case basis, as teams like the Texans can wreck it with their (basically) navy leggings, but other teams - when and only when balanced with white socks - can provide enough extra contrast to help a matchup.


Case in point, I feel like Jets/49ers is made even better by the Jets green pants because there's just the right amount of green to contrast with the red and gold. All-white still looks great, don't get me wrong, I just like the green pants in this matchup even better because they make the matchup a little more interesting. Bears/Lions is another one where the Bears' navy pants provide a nice dark vs. light tonal matchup (plus, I think Chicago's navy-white-navy-white combo is one of the best road looks in the whole league anyways).


Anyways, if I had to put a list together for this week, it'd be pretty close to this one. I'd just swap out Seahawks/Packers for Bears/Lions, then bump Jets/49ers up ahead of Cowboys/Giants. 



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Would've been a good time for the Bengals to wear their white pants and create some better contrast against the Browns brown pants. 


The Browns new uniforms are so bad. It's hard to be the worst looking team on the field when you play the Bengals, but they accomplished that. 

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19 minutes ago, tigerslionspistonshabs said:

Colts-Texans is decent, but kind of drab. The Texans lack a real identity. Their logo is great, but their set is sort of just a mish-mash of a whole bunch of stuff.


On the Texans, I agree. IMO, just going back to red socks on the road would be enough.


The whole matchup would be far better if the Colts just had a blue facemask and a couple white stripes on those socks in addition to the above change for the Texans.

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The redskins and eagles matchup looks really good. Especially since the eagles jersey looks more green than blue in that particular pic.


I agree that cowboys vs giants is an all time classic uni matchup but I really do not like those white pants for the giants. Grey pants would be so much better especially if they went back to the grey pants with blue/red/blue stripes

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We had a poll over at the Uni Watch Fans Facebook page and here was the Top 10 looks for the week: 

1) Steelers at Bills 
2) Bears at Lions
3) Cowboys at Giants
4) Jets at 49ers
5) Redskins at Eagles
6) Cardinals at Dolphins
7) Texans at Colts
8) Chargers at Panthers 
9) Seahawks at Packers
10) Raiders at Chiefs (ColorRush)

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2 hours ago, nuordr said:

Please tell me you are joking. The only time the Bucs looked good in Pewter pants with a red jersey was here: 





1 hour ago, DouglasQuaid said:

These are even better


Two amazing uniform sets and now look at what they wear. It just proves that the third time isn't always the charm.

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4 hours ago, nuordr said:

Please tell me you are joking. The only time the Bucs looked good in Pewter pants with a red jersey was here: 


Sorry bud, can't do it, that looks good too, but yeah they looked awesome sunday with that combo.

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7 hours ago, nuordr said:

Please tell me you are joking. The only time the Bucs looked good in Pewter pants with a red jersey was here: 





That was a really nice uniform. Every combo looked good. I'll never understand why the Bucs thought it was a good idea to drop this uniform and go with the current disaster. 

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2 hours ago, BrandMooreArt said:


Daniel, blink twice if the Glazer's have your family!!


LOL, good one.

1 hour ago, dont care said:

You know a uniform is bad when it has been around for 3 years and it still hasn't grown on you, atleast the jags look good to me now sans helmet. But there is no good aspect of the yucks uniform


Jags look good? Perhaps you're family has been abducted as well.


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