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White shoes in MLB today


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You know, I love white athletic shoes. But that is beside my point, because lately, I've noticed a growing number of players this season in MLB wearing white cleats that aren't members of the Oakland A's. It would take me quite a while to provide pics, but the white shoe fan in me is giddy with excitement.


Which begs this Q- Has MLB gotten lax with its shoe code (as in, letting only players wear either base black, blue or red shoes, depending on the team colors)?

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I like the white shoes for the A's because that's just become their thing over the years but I hate the look on all of the other teams. Over the last few seasons, white has steadily become more and more prominent on the black, blue, and red cleats. Give me a classic all- red or black pair of nikes ( or any other shoe) where the only white is the sole and/or the swoosh/logo.






is much better than this:


IMO, and it looks especially awkward with long pants, like footy pajamas or something


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While some of the white colored and other colored cleats are very nice looking, I miss the days when all the players cleats had the same base color. I feel like there's too much going on now. And, what bothers me more, there's way too many players now wearing colors that are not their team colors. Like why does Nolan Arenado of the Rockies wear teal batting gloves and cleats? Cespedes and his neon green garbage everywhere kills me. It needs to be a requirement that only team colors are worn. 

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When I was a kid, I loved the 70's A's because they had the coolest uniforms and they wore white cleats*. These days, I think white cleats look kinda cheesy. The A's still look good with white shoes, but other than that, I prefer color coordinated cleats - blue for the Jays, red for the Cardinals, etc. 


*Back then, I managed to score a pair of white Puma cleats like the ones Reggie Jackson wore. I was the envy of the neighborhood and my baseball teammates. 

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22 hours ago, WissX said:

Image result for milwaukee brewers players


Personal favorite jersey matches with the white with blue accents. Would be a fan if they had blue cleats



 The team does wear blue cleats with the retro pinstripe uniforms now:







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1 hour ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

Brewers players are forced to get so many different color combinations of cleats and other accessories. I wonder if they can put that as expenses on their taxes? 

Somehow, I think they are fine. :)

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