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NFL 2020


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45 minutes ago, Gothamite said:


There's a fine line between confidence and hubris.


This was way, way the :censored: over that line.

Especially going against Brady, even though the defense played great and really won the game for them. Since this is a uniform forum, thank goodness they didn't win in these:

Image result for 2017 buccaneers white uniforms




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On 2/6/2021 at 1:49 PM, andrewharrington said:

Well, not technically.


If they ever tried to post-rationalize their use of silver because it matches their Lombardis, we would just complain that the silvers on the pants, helmet and trophies don’t match. 😂


I love white for the Pats, but honestly, I'll give them a pass for that explanation.



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