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2024 NFL Changes

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Literally the only part of this set that I like is the jersey. The helmets are a downgrade. That stripe is so forced and I hate the 5280 on the front. The pants might be fine if they had contrasting socks, but in these photos I'm not a fan of the look. 

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Just now, MCM0313 said:

That worries me. Of course, I’m sure the pants and socks are officially made to be mixed and matched, so we may occasionally get other combos than what was shown. But, yeah, the HURR DURR emphasis on monochrome and 🥶 is definitely there. 


I'm very opposed to any white socks, white pants, color jersey combination (Pat Patriot throwbacks included).


I've gotten used to the leotards in team colors so it doesn't bother me. 

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The satin finish on the helmet looks awful in these images, curious to see what it looks like in games. The glossiness of the old one still showed up as navy in most shots, this one could look black in domes and at night. The white helmet is awful, that should have never seen the light of day. Way too simple, and their logo has way too much white, it looks like a stock helmet from the sporting goods store.


The jersey is pretty good if you get over the sleeve caps being way too similar to the Chargers IMO. 


The pants suck but at least they have stripes and the socks are abysmal and the way they are being paired with the pants is not promising. 


Overall a slight upgrade since the old unis were so stale and they had the jersey/pant stripe matching issue, but the Broncos tried to reinvent the wheel and pumped out something sub-optimal as a result.


Reading the Nike-speak, "the sun rising and setting behind the mountain peak" is so ridiculously stupid. From Denver, the sun has never risen from behind a mountain. It's like they didn't want to just say the sun is setting because the way this franchise has looked for the last decade it feels like the sun is setting on them. 

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They aren't horrible and a decent improvement over their last set. I'll give them credit. They are modern enough but still feel like the Broncos. If that makes sense. 


The helmets are definitely the biggest swing and miss. White helmets are unnecessary. Pairing that with navy jerseys and pants is a horrible look. All-white would have been the only combination I can see working.


Kind of dumb that the Bengals were granted permission to pair an alternate helmet with a white uniform, but no other team will? Maybe they should asterisk that rule a bit.  Let teams wear an alt helmet if it's shell color matches the jersey? Still keep uses to 3x. 


Has anyone here claimed yet that Nike specifically designed this uniform to have the mountain peak pointing right at the swoosh? 

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12 minutes ago, DCarp1231 said:

They’re actually… better than I thought?


Thats definitely an orange crush era tease at the end too

They should just give the world those Orange Crush unis again full-time. Including striped socks. 

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Overall an upgrade for the Broncos.



-Jerseys are actually decent

-don't mind the pants although wish the orange stripe extended all the way

-Parenthesis stripes gone

-the 6 mountains on the jersey's are....interesting

-3 pants options, really like that



-that helmet stripe, oof

-is the navy blue now black?  So instead of going more royal which more people seem to want, they go darker on the blue

-perforation in the numbers is awful

-did I mention that helmet stripe

-not sure on this yet, but the matte finish on the helmet



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Is there like a slideshow that shows all of the uniforms? I know that's been done before but jeez I need to look at it in its full look before judging it.

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The white helmet would go best with the white jersey, it looks terrible paired with the navy -- which would look best with the main helmet. 


This is where the NFL's dumb uniform rules make this worse, because the alternate garments don't really mesh but otherwise have to be worn together. 


Jerseys are fine, I find the sleeve cap design a bit disorienting -- not to mention it's eerily similar to the Jets new logo design that JUST got re-introduced as their primary logo. The helmet sticker is horrendous. 


Major meh. 

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They’re fine. Not offensively bad or anything, just very meh. The helmet stripe stinks, but I can live with that. It’s a real 6/10.


They're probably only gonna last as long as the minimal requirement, before the Broncos try something else that may or may not be better/a straight-up throwback.

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The jerseys are great but woof the white helmet with the blue is rough think it would be better for an all-white look (I know I know) pants are iffy but we need better looks 


jerseys 9/10

helmets 6/10

pants 6/10*

overall 7.9/10

old set 8.0/10

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