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2024 NFL Changes

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1 minute ago, bowld said:

Now why couldn't they have just made a white , orange and blue version of these throwbacks?? 100x better than what we got


because those don't "go hard 😤" -- only uniforms that look like unitards do. 

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When is Houstons now? Are they tomorrow? At this point just let them follow it up with what they have so we can get this over with.

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The Denver Broncos are allergic to this shade of blue, and it makes me sad.



I feel like the navy helmet/white jersey/orange pants is just unbalanced. The lighter shade of blue made that work a lot better than it does with the new uniforms. Doesn't help that they use white socks with that combo, but that's not a surprise.


I've disliked their navy since the rebrand in the late 90s, and that sure isn't changing with this lateral move. They are somehow boring and bad at the same time. They also already feel dated to me, but they came out minutes ago, how does that happen? 


edit: they have a classic uniform with this blue... but the sentiment remains. The navy is garbage.

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30 minutes ago, bowld said:

Nike claims these 3 triangles represent each of the Bronco's Super Bowl wins. What happens if they win a 4th before the 5 years are up? (they wont)



Maybe they'll copy what Ohio State did for a few years and add "mountain tops" on the back of the collar.





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