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Best and Worst of NCAA


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I'd rate the best as Missouri's new Tiger. Also worth mentioning are the Texas silhouette Longhorn (a classic), the Arkansas running Razorback and the Arizona State Sun Devil.

I'd rate the worst as Syracuse. Yuck. Also worth (not) mentioning are Illinois, Idaho and LSU.

Note: I'm just rating Division I-A teams.

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If I could add a little amendment to this so I do not have to create a separate thread, what are your favorite new logos, as in logos that have been introduced relatively recently in this "new logo craze" some of the smaller NCAA schools are in? What are your favorite classic logos? No uniforms, just logos, a few best and a few worst. And to clarify:

These are examples of classic logos:


These are examples of new logos:


You can't mix the two because they're in completely different leagues and must therefore be judged on different criteria.

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Hmm too many to really crown a #1 very best, but here are some of my favorites:

I will go by conference:


Virginia: classy swords underneath the V. I like it.

Big East-

Louisville: Very sharp looking logo and distinctive

West Virginia: Very recognizable at first glance. simple but well done

Big Ten-

Iowa: I guess I am a sucker for classic logos

Michigan State: I love the simple Spartan logo.

Big 12-

Colorado: Nothing like a simple representation of your mascot

K-State: reminds me of the Thundercats logo...that is a good thing (memories)

MIssouri: very cool update with the tiger head

Texas: classic longhorn silouette


Southern Miss: very cool update to a old and busted logo.

UAB: The dragon head logo is awesome

UTEP: I like the simple pick-axe with the UTEP lettering


Kent State: Very cool

Northern Illinois: I hate them for beating Bama a couple of years back, but the huskie head rocks


Colorado State: Very cool old school logo

Wyoming: Another classic logo


Washington State: The WSU in the cougar is very cool

USC: the trojan head is very recognizable and distinct

Oregon State: the updated beaver is much better than what they had before


Alabama: I must admit I threw this in here because it just didn't seem right without it. The script A is back and better than ever- ROLL TIDE!!!

Auburn: Dang the interlocking AU is classic...what can I say...dang

Tennessee: My two most hated teams have cool logos, oh well- another classic look

Vanderbilt: The new style commodore is very cool imo

Sun Belt-

Troy: Very cool looking update

Middle Tenn State: Again very nice redesign


Hawaii: I love what they did to the uni's and logo ditching the rainbow was the smartest move they ever made

San Jose State: cool, and distincive looking spartan


Notre Dame: interlocking ND a classic

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Ones I Like:




Miami (the U)



Fresno State

Nevada Reno (new Wolf profile logo)

Texas A&M

Georga Tech

Oregon (Both the O and the Duck)

Washington State

Colorado State


Ones I hate:

Florida (all of them :puke: )

Miami (hurricane logo)


Texas Tech

Iowa State

Oregon State

Boisie State (spelling?)

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This is a good logo but it looks terrible on their football helmets. They need to go with like just the letters BSU or just the horse, the horse and the wordmark look awful.

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My bests and worsts.

ACC: North Carolina (Ram) Worst: Virginia (V w/swords crossing under)

Big East: Pittsburgh (Panther) Worst: Syracuse (S and U)

Big 10: Wisconsin (Badger) Worst: Michigan (M w/Michigan over it)

Big 12: Iowa State (Bird w/ISU across) Worst: Nebraska (N w/Nebraska logo over it)

Con. USA: (Buffalo[bison?]) Worst: Southern Methodist (Horse silhouette)

Mid-America: Akron (Kangaroo) Worst: Central Michigan (Flying C)

Mnt. West: Brigham Young (Cougar) Worst: Utah (U in a circle)

Pac 10: Oregon State (Beaver) Worst: California (Cal in cursive)

Southeastern: Alabama (Elephant) Worst: South Carolina (Gamecock in a C)

Sun Belt: Florida International (Panther below Golden Panthers) Worst: Middle Tenn. State (MT and a horse with a wing)

WAC: Fresno State (Bulldog) Worst: Utah State (U w/state vertical in it)

Ind.: Temple (Owl[Not sure if it's still their logo]) Worst: Navy (Ox with a rug on it's back[what it looks like to me])

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Well, let's see...

Being a U-Dub fan, both the Huskies logos (The 'W' and the new Huskie head) kick ass. Of course, that's bias for you.

Indiana was always a good one. You knew instantly that the interlocking IU was the Hoosiers. That and chairs being tossed around Assembly Hall... :P

Of the new school logos, there's the aformentioned Washington Huskies and Akron's kangaroo is extremely cool. That, and the mascot is so cute *huggles Zippy, the Akron mascot* Oh, and Florida Atlantic's new logo looks cool.

As for those I hate, there's Wazzu (Self explainitory), Michigan (I kinda think that 'M' is just like Michigan fans themselves: So full of themselves!), and one that I think just reeks of suckiness: Oregon. Partly because they used Donald Duck as part of the logo. You scum! How dare you dishonor the greatest animated duck in history! They could of used Daffy instead.

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Best: Minnesota's block M

Worst: Minnesota's Goldy (love the mascot, hate the fact that part of our identity is smilin' Goldy. Damn Minnesota's PC-ness!)

Really, I just wanted to say that :P But seriously:

Best: Texas

Worst: Goldy and the VT Hokie, which I don't think is used that much

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