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Arena Rafters & Banners

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I am always searching all over the internet for pictures of NHL Arena rafters, with pictures of the championship banners and retired numbers. However, they are almost always hard to find; the photos are few and far between.

To me, its cool to see these things, because they're part of the history of each team; a connection to the past.

I also like to see the patterns of the banners - - for example, in buffalo, divisional banners are the primary color of team (either blue or black) and the conference championships are the secondary color (either gold or red) and trophies are white (presidents, and one day Stanley cup)

I also like to see the differences. For most teams, they put up a banner if your conference champion, but the pics i've seen of detroit have "Western Conference Regular Season Champions" banners as well as "Clarance Campbell Bowl Winner".

Does anybody find this stuff kinda cool? And does anybody have any pictures of their favorite arena rafters with the banners up there?

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Took this picture before a game i'm trying to find the other pictures of all the banners i took but here is one of them

It is the 05/06 Northwest Division Champions, 94/94, 94/95 Pacific Division Champions





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Best photos for the Oilers and Rexall Place that I could find online.

The first two are from before the end of the 2006-07 season. Since then, additions have been a banner for Mark Messier, the WHLs Edmonton Oil Kings' 1963 and 1966 Memorial Cup banners, and for some stupid reason which really bugs me, a banner celebrating 100 straight sellouts.

The 3rd one is from opening night this past year. The last one is just a cool 80-hour time lapse photo I found going from the rodeo to an Oil Kings game.

During the playoffs, they bust out 5 more banners, each one of them being a photo from a Stanley Cup win celebration. Oh so close to being 6 :(

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Shouldn't the first banner be 1995 only, instead of 1994-95?

Nah, the name of the season is still 94-95, even if they only played hockey in 95. The Knicks' Eastern Conf. Champ banner from 1999 says 1998-99. So same thing.

For some reason the Devils have two banners each for the retired numbers of Scott Stevens and Kan Daneyko, one on each side. It looks really stupid.

Prudential Center on the other side also has some Seton Hall banners and the Devils Division and Conference champ banners.

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Joe Louis Arena...


If it were up to me, the Cup banners and the retired number banners would be on opposite ends of the ice and all of the other banners would be smaller. Maybe when someone gives me billions of dollars to buy the team.

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