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In Your Face NCAA hats


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On my daily pilgrimage to Lids.com, I saw these beauts:




and my personal favorite...


more here

Some work better than others, of course, especially the ones that melt over onto the brim. For example, I don't think the Cornhuskers' works too well, I think this would've translated better:


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I better not hear of any one of you guys buying one of these pieces of crap. The Jayhawks one (asuming that IS a Jayhawk) I mean come on, what is this kellogg toucan sam promotion? Jeez

1/27/09- It was me, and I am sorry.

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I think they're pretty cool. My favorites are BC, Nebraska, and Syracuse. My least favorites are Georgia, Missouri, and Arizona.

EDIT: 400 Posts!



"Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?"-Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), Parks and Recreation

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Wow, I wouldn't buy one of these, but if I was given one, I'd wear it... But only in the same way that I wear my early-90's Iowa basketball hat (which features a player jumping on the bill and dunking into a hoop on the front), which is when I'm at parties as a conversation starter. If someone could pull those off without trying to be funny, it isn't me...

EDIT: And oldschoolvikings, this summer, my roommate's girlfriend would watch Full House everyday on Nickelodeon or whatever, and it was on during the hour that I prepared for work in the late morning... :censored: I mean, I enjoyed it when I was in grade school, but it's just about the corniest thing ever.

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How do they not have the Duck

I'd bet it's a licensing issue with Disney, especially since Donald's likeness is only supposed to be used "in good taste."

Ding - we have a winner.

Oregon can fully license Donald merchandise under the revised agreement, but they have to pay royalties. That might figure into it (that and, while Nike likes to pretend otherwise, Oregon isn't exactly one of the marquee merchandising schools).

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