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International soccer sigs, with clubs now


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Can I trouble you for a Buffalo Bills one with "Billieve" and an Orioles one with "The O's" Thank you.

why not "the oriole way" for the Orioles one?

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I've got ANOTHER request, and I'm done. For real this time. You won't hear from me again, other to say "Thanks" and "You're awesome." :P



Olympique de Marseille

Just makin sure you don't forget. :P

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I love how you are making each one unique. The striping is different, the logo placement changes...these are just incredibly solid all-around. Excellent work :) .

Bet you can't guess what team I'd like to request? ;) Whichever logo you think looks best would work, but the text should say "go!" on the left side and "rockies!" on the right (it mirrors the stadium cheer from the Mile High days). White or black background, I think either would be cool. Thank you in advance! This one's definitely going in my sig :) .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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