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Sabres To Play In Red And Black Again...


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Found this article on the message board on the Buffalo Sabres website:


"Last spring, the Sabres, for one game, brought back its original white, blue and gold home jerseys. The response was so strong, the team is considering a uniform change using the blue and gold as its base.

That, however, won't happen in the 2004-05 season.

"The league has so many other issues to deal with, I don't think it's fair to talk with them about new uniforms at this time," Golisano said. "

So, it looks like red and black until the players and owners get their act together...

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Right! Like Bettman and Goodenow are actually negotiating! That is BS this seems like they couldn't decide on a look and they want more time.

Well even if it is a load of bullplop and the team just can't figure out a new look yet, then I say all power to them. I'd rather suffer through the current jerseys for one more season and wait for a permanent switch back to stylish blue and gold jerseys than have them unveil subpar jerseys for next season and then just keep changing them every year until they finally get them right.

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frankly i could care less what they wear... but if they go to blue and gold that might save us the weekly blue and gold sabres concepts  :D

But then we'll just be overwhelmed by Devils 3rds concepts.

dont forget the new islander concepts

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At least the reasoning behind not changing this offseason makes sense. A lot of good it would do to roll out a brand new look in say August and not have the team wear it until October of 2005 (or scary thought even later)

Having said that I agree that they HAVE to change their color scheme, and my reasoning behind this has nothing to do with tradition or love for the old scheme (honestly the old away Royal Blue jersey was pretty ugly and dated, the home whites were terrific). The whole reason the Sabres went to Red in their color scheme was because the new owners at the time The Rigas family wanted the color scheme to match their Adelphia Cable company colors. The Rigas did quite a number on the Sabres and especially on the city of Buffalo in their short time at the helm of the Sabres. They made a ton of promises to the city which looking back they probably never meant to fulfill, and I'm not talking about stuff related to building a better hockey team.

As soon as the Rigas' were exposed for the crooks that they are, I felt like the Sabres new owner (whoever it would turn out to be) needed to distance themselves from everything having to do with the Rigas Family and Adelphia Cable Communication. I wouldn't even be completely against keeping the current logo and unforms and just substitute the Red for some shade of Blue. If you look at the styling of the Jersey it's not too bad, I don't know if everyone even notices that the crossed sabre swords are still under the buffalo head the way the used to be under the whole white Buffalo on the old crest. If you look at the two stripes that go up the sides of the jersey (closest to the buffalo head) they continue up the top part of the arms coming to a sabre sword type point. When you first realize that those stripes are actually sword blades it gives you a new appreciation of the Jersey design.

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