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Redesigned Domino's Pizza Logo


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From NRN.com:

Domino?s Pizza on Tuesday unveiled a new ?store of the future? design and a reworked logo as the next step in the chain?s ongoing brand repositioning. The new logo, however, doesn?t include any mention of pizza, just the simple red-white- and-blue, single-tile domino that company officials hope will become as recognizable as the Nike Swoosh or the Golden Arches.

Russell Weiner, Domino?s chief marketing officer, said in a statement that 2008 was the year the company recognized a need to change.

?We began to expand our menu, develop a whole new recipe for our pizza and come up with new, breakthrough ways to talk about our brand with consumers. We began to interact with customers in innovative ways through technology, mobile devices and social media,? he said. ?The next step in this process is to build the store of the future, featuring new store signage and a simple, visually striking logo ? because we believe Domino?s has become an iconic global brand that is instantly recognizable.

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It's a win because of what it accomplishes. As has been said, Domino's Pizza has existed as a brand for quite a while now, and a blue/red/white domino on a 45 degree angle has always been their signature.

This does an excellent job of maintaining the existing brand while making the bold statement that Domino's Pizza is an international icon. Given that they haven't always had a reputation as a very good pizza company, it's possible that consumers will go from just thinking of their local store as 'a pizza place' and will start to consider them to be 'THE pizza place', much like how McDonald's is synonymous with fast food burgers, even though there are plenty of other (better) fast food burger places. Branding as an icon is certainly one way of becoming an icon. I predict that this change will do them very well.

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This is a nice redesign, but the only thing that bothers me is I've never seen a two-tone domino. I understand what they're trying to accomplish, but I don't know that such a thing exists. Correct me if I'm wrong.



I really like the update, and it's been long overdue I think. The old one was good, but it definitely needed freshening up.

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