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NHL Stadium Series Jerseys


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"The NHL also unveiled today the NHL Chrome Collection™, chrome-treated team logos specifically designed for use in connection with the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™... each utilize primary marks that showcase the special creative treatment. The Chrome logo designs are unique to the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™ and inspired from the chrome details on the NHL shield, bringing a dynamic and modern perspective to conventional team identities."

Um... sure.

Not sure I really understand the purpose of the chrome logos. They're basically the normal logos, just shinier. Not sure they needed an official unveiling, considering almost anyone worth their salt with Photoshop on this site could have done the same exact thing. But whatever. NHL gonna NHL.

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How much are they going to change though?

Not enough that the configuration for hockey will still be off center and there will still be curtained off seats. But even still the Barclays Center is a state of the art arena with all the amenities.. luxury boxes, restaurants, etc.. that the Islanders need and couldnt get in Nassau. It made no sense to build a brand new building in Nassau and they couldn't continue to play in the Colosseum. So despite the weird seating arrangement Barclays center is still an perfect move for them, not to mention they get the added value of playing in a real city instead of the suburbs and all the media and potential fan base that comes with it. Their only mistake was not making that decision 2 years earlier so barclays could have been designed with hockey as a priority with basketball .

FWIW, I heard rumblings a couple of weeks ago that there's an "alternate seating plan" for the renovated Coliseum that would seat 15,000 (instead of the expected 13,000) just in case Brooklyn doesn't work. Don't know how true that is, or if it is true when they'd have to decide what plan to use, but I thought it was interesting.

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I'm fearing that the NHL is going to give the Stadium Series teams a bunch of throwback style uniforms with shiny chrome logos and numbers. Maybe throw in some BS how it's to reflect the sun during the game and show off that they're outdoors even more. I expect the Stadium Series games to basically resemble Tron on ice.

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