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  2. Gladly. It absolutely is. I think I’ll need an extra shower on Wednesday.
  3. Do you plan on doing defunct team as well? These look pretty good so far, but I would suggest using the team abbreviations from broadcasts rather than randomized ones.
  4. The Lockhart site needs serious help to be ready for next season, and legal issues only delay the short timeframe on the calendar. This was lockhart last month
  5. So, who do we have left now? Washington, Arizona, and who else?
  6. this is a huge upgrade for GC - i'm not a huge fan of the lioness' mouth...would have found a way to connect that more, but overall the new logo is a nice improvement for them - they don't seem to be embracing the new typeface on their website, though, which is a shame
  7. A Phillies design based on an upcoming @MJD7 design I was fortunate to preview among other outtakes.
  8. I think it made teams realize they could go off the beaten path and dramatically change their identity in more detailed/creative ways than just plopping logos and colors onto the newest template. I say it paid off because people for the most part love the unique Native pattern on the pants, the grey/neon green alts, and the overall bold branding. Projects like the Titans and Bucs wouldn't have been so drastically different without the Seahawks pushing the creativity to the next level. You can argue your personal preference on each of these as being good or bad looking, but ultimately my point was that they were the first team of the Nike era to work with Nike to push their identity to a clearly unique era rather than just retooling their previous look.
  9. Another round of outtakes including @coco1997's suggestions for a contrast bill Mariner's cap and a reverse colored Padres alt.
  10. I had a busy Holy Week and am in the middle of helping my parents pack everything for our move to Arizona so I'm really sorry I can't post as much as I want to. Here are the final headlines for this off-season. 1926-27 off-season headlines Canadian investors spur future name change American and Canadian investors headed by Montreal businessman Pierre Valjean persuaded association owners to consider changing the USFA name to the North American Football League if Canada we're to ever get a team. This change could take years and has caused speculation that the League of Canadian Football is struggling financially. The Italian Football Club folds Parishioners in Chicago's Italian community voted to cease operations of the IFC ahead of the 1927 season, stating that the money could be put to better use elsewhere in the community. St. Louis loses lease and becomes traveling team ahead of move to Hartford Minneapolis Maroons struggling to compete financially with cross river rival Hamm Brewers I'll try to get the 1927 season out today but I will have it done tomorrow if I get too busy. I have some big changes coming up these next few seasons
  11. With minor league baseball, you want short term. Long term is better set for the big leagues. The pros are Coke. The Minors are Sams Choice.
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  13. They received approval for the Lockhart site three weeks ago, but FXE Futbol filed a request for an injunction on the project last Monday. Unlikely since Stephen Ross is at odds with US Soccer and its relationship with SUM.
  14. Where is this actually seen/shown? I didn’t even realize they changed it in 1992. Is it just graphical package change for print and electronic media? I know the back of their caps back in 1992, many teams went with red/white/blue batterman. Eventually most teams went with team colors. So maybe that’s why I have never noticed this change.
  15. Any chance Miami uses Hard Rock on a temporary basis or is that a no go?
  16. I like the richer red and I'm okay with the darker blue, It seems to me that the "slant of the bat" thing was made up by marketing after the fact as some kind of contrived "everything is inspired by patriotism and baseball" schtick, because the only thing that mildly mirrors the bat is the slants in the M seemingly being at the same angle. It's not like the L and B have anything that is slanted.
  17. Football HCs want as much control as they can get from the owner. Many of these coaches, most were long term unemployed, as opposed to retired, would appreciate the "total control of football operations". They prefer if they got to pick the talent they coach as opposed to be given it. Bob Stoops had it at Oklahoma and he had over 100+ players to manage.
  18. Miami I believe is still a big IF, i dont think they have a temporary venue lined up.
  19. Question about next year. Does Chicago jump to the West with Nashville and ?Miami? coming in?
  20. I don't. "Major League Baseball" should be spelled out, and their "font inspired by the bat" just looks like Gotham.
  21. MLB Updates Their Famous Batter Logo, Colours, and More April 23, 2019 - 16:13 PM Did you know Major League Baseball has a new logo this year? No, I’m not referring to the Marlins or Phillies, nor any of the other teams who have changed recently in the league, I’m talking about the league itself. […] Read More...
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