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  2. Oh I knew you were joking, I was half-joking too, but sometimes a series win like that deserves a banner almost as much as a cup win. But whelp, I guess I shoulda figured that a guy with 36,000 posts wouldn't exactly be a noob to the playoffs. Sorry to insult your fandom, I'd wish you good luck but hopefully you'll be my mortal enemy in a week and a half.
  3. Side note, firstly it's crazy this jersey exists but even more crazy that was a dark jersey? (as seen in this picture) To me this seems more like a white jersey.
  4. Titans: No Oilers Throwback Uniform Until NFL Changes Rules April 18, 2019 - 17:09 PM For those hoping the Tennessee Titans would dip into their Oilers past, I’ve got some news. Via reporter Jim Wyatt, during an appearance on The OTP (The “Official Titans Podcast”), Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk said the team wouldn’t […] Read More...
  5. Nope. Not happening.
  6. From the front, those Minnesota jerseys always read as MOM to me. The helmet makes an O in my kind.
  7. This is a thread to discuss the design of The Mueller Report by the U.S. Department of Justice.
  8. Ten days out from their season opener, the Canadian Premier League has announced that the CBC will broadcast a total of 20 matches this season between television and their streaming platform. Other games will be available through Mediapro's new platform, OneSoccer.
  9. I still don't get why people are surprised about Pittsburgh. Islanders looked great most of the year, while Penguins looked incredibly mediocre. They were literally the exact opposite kind team they were when They won back 2 back Cups. Plus losing Fleury was a huge deal too.
  10. That looks horrible. The piping on the sleeves looks purple, there is too much spacing between the M and the E, and the drop shadow looks like it used to have color but someone sanded it off.
  11. I didn’t stop caring. I still despise those numbers and the implications they have on future design, even if I haven’t been continually posting about them.
  12. The current bolts and numbers have the same exact amount of strokes as the uniform from 1988-2007.. so if that previous uniform is the best, then some of the issues you mentioned can't be what makes the current set the worst..
  13. I don't necessarily disagree, but I don't really have any issues with the jersey as-is either.. the curvy, Viking-horn-esque design of the sleeve stripes differs from the straight, traditional pants stripes enough that I'm ok with them being a little different in more ways than just the shape
  14. Seems to me like we’re going through the food inspired uniforms/names craze again, but now with alcoholic beverages
  15. Based on a quick Wikipedia search, I don't think it's ever happened going back to 1967. Let's see some history Avs!
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  17. If Tottenham wins Champions League but finishes behind Arsenal is it still St. Totteringhams Day?
  18. Flip that Floyd of Rosedale around and you've also got these. I think the new MSU uniforms will probably be not really remembered at all. They're bland. It's like when everyone freaked out over Oregon's 124pt font sized numbers last year and then everyone just stopped caring after about 5 minutes.
  19. This one is bound to ruffle some fur: My biggest complaint with the recent Pitt redesign was not the new font. It was not the new Cathedral stripe, which I am a big fan of BTW. It was the colors. I don't have a personal complaint against them, I just prefer the navy/old gold to the royal and yellow. Also, Pitt was definitely not up next, but I felt given the timing of their release, I'd tackle them. Let's jump in: Football - In all honesty, the unveil of the new uniforms really didn't deviate my designs for Pitt much at all. Two helmets, one old gold, one navy. Both have the cursive Pitt logo on both sides. Originally, the stripe existed without the cathedral elements to it, but they dropped that on me, so I made it the cathedral stripe. For the jerseys, I went with the striping pattern from the now previous set of jerseys that also has historical roots with Pitt. I kept the cathedral font because I think it's unique and it's better than the previous font. New Panther logo at the base of the collar. Pants were similar to the helmet, now have the cathedral stripe. Now I wasn't going to completely rid Pitt of the blue/yellow. It's obviously important to them so it wasn't gonna go away. For the blue/yellow alternates, I didn't just throw it back, I kept a lot of the modern aspects, but made the cathedral stripe the focal point. Hockey - Hockey takes on much of the same elements as the football uniforms have. Home and away have the double stripes on the sleeves and the hems, with the scripty Pitt on the chest. Panther logo on the shoulders. Navy and Gold options for helmets. Cathedral stripe down the pants. The alternates focus on the cathedral stripe, eliminated the double stripe in favor of it. Yellow helmet. The club team at Pitt makes use of both blue and yellow pants so I figured an imaginary Div 1 team could too. Baseball - The baseball team gets a similar treatment as well. On the home whites, full (new?) Panthers script. Double stripes on the sleeves, Panther logo up near the back of the collar. Away navy jerseys switch the Panthers script out for the Pitt script instead. One hat/helmet combo: navy hat, gold bill with the standalone P logo on the front panel. Pants have the cathedral stripe down the side, double stripes on the navy socks. For the alternate, navy/gold gives way to royal/yellow, double stripe gives way to full time cathedral stripes. Pitt script on the chest. Put it on a v neck pullover. Pants have the recolored cathedral stripe, royal socks also have the cathedral stripes. Basketball - For basketball, the double stripes weren't going to work on the jerseys, unless they were a side panel which didn't look appealing to me. Plus the IRL Pitt Women's basketball team uses the cathedral stripe as the trim on the jerseys which I think both teams should have made use of. But anyways, here the jerseys get the cathedral stripes as the neck and arm trim. Like baseball, Panthers on the home, Pitt on the away. For the shorts, I used the cathedral stripe on the waistband and the double stripe on the legs of the shorts. Alternate uses much of the same things, but drops the double stripes for a side panel of the cathedral stripe instead. C&C welcome as always!
  20. If the Seattle NFL team was called the Storm, this would be a perfect look for it.
  21. At least in 2016, Asheville was #3 in the United States in breweries per capita. This article from late 2017, however, lists "total microbreweries" at 25, for a rate of 28.1 breweries per 100,000 residents, which would put Asheville at #1. Asheville was chosen as the East Coast brew hub for the 3rd and 4th-largest craft breweries by volume (Sierra Nevada and New Belgium). None of Asheville's own crack the top 50 craft breweries by volume, but Wicked Weed, Highland, Hi-Wire, and Green Man are all well-known. I'm probably forgetting some - I enjoy craft beer, but I'm not an aficionado. Point is, Asheville is one of the few cities that can legitimately lay claim to a "Beer City" uniform.
  22. Name: Anders Lindberg Age: 47 City: St. Paul, Minnesota Business: Owner of a midwest gas station chain Voting for: North American Football League Reason why: Sounds good and is open to Canada and Mexico down the road
  23. Mets fashion jersey "inspired" by the Marlins black jersey?
  24. Best one this season. Also, either Tottenham or Ajax will be in this year’s champions league final. Let that sink in.
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