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2019 MLB Postseason thread


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1 minute ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:

Scoring four runs in the final ending to take the lead is the most Cardinals things ever.

Letting four runs score in the final inning is the most Mark Melancon thing ever.


Farhan Zaidi worked a miracle there, knowing to deal Melancon just as he was improving. I’m glad the Braves took the entirety of that “Bobby Evans Special” contract.

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1 hour ago, Kramerica Industries said:


I'm not surprised. This guy has been a fraud his entire career. He's wilted against every AL opponent and in every big game he's ever pitched in.




Imma give him a long-term deal, one which limits our flexibility greatly! This won't be a problem at all! (Looks at Mike Leake, Jeff Samardzija, extensions with no-trade clauses, and arguably Johnny Cueto - doesn't see a problem with any of it)


Yeah, Evans didn't have much choice when it came to getting bullpen help after 2016, but he made a dreadful call that Zaidi remedied. Melancon tried to be good for the team, especially with his work for fire victims, but he constantly blew saves and leads during his time in the bullpen. I'm glad Zaidi managed to dump Evans' biggest mistake onto the exurban tomahawk chop.


Either way, I'm glad the Giants fired Evans.

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2 hours ago, McCarthy said:


THIS is the most Cardinals thing ever




Eh, it all makes sense. Acuña has every reason to celebrate cutting the deficit in half with a huge home run, and Martinez has every reason to be upset in the moment when his opponent celebrates hitting a home run off of him. Players have emotions, and there's no moral weight to those emotions unless they end up being expressed as destructive actions (such as intentionally hitting a batter). These players have feelings, and I enjoy the sport more when they express them.

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Atlanta has taken the lead in the 9th! If the score sticks, the braves lead a series for the first time since they had a 2-1 lead in the NLDS in 2002!


Update: Game over. 3-1 win for the Braves. Cardinals are on the brink. St. Louis better watch tapes of 2011 and pray they got a come back in them.


Update 2: Washington in front 2-0 in game 3. Juan Soto with a home run to center field. Dodgers won thanks to a 7 run 6th inning. 10-4 and Dodgers lead the series 2-1.

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Dodgers won
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