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Notre Dame Basketball


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If this has already been posted, I apologize. Notre Dame's Mens Basketball team has offically sold out to the Dark side. They wore Black uniforms in there game Saturday night against Seton Hall. At first glance these look like Navy Blue, but they are not. And according to the South Bend Tribune, they won't be going away anytime soon. Here is a link to some pictures and a link to the article saying they might be wearing these for the UConn game on Tuesday night

Notre Dame in Black

ND Black Uniform Photos

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If the Boston Celtics want a black alt, they should steal this jersey, change Irish to Celtics (in the same script font and with the clover above the i), and use those as their alts.

Notre Dame should never be given them back again. ND has enough trouble deciding whether they are Navy and Gold or Green and Gold or other combination. They don't need to get more confusing with the black.

Now, strictly from a playing side, the players seemed to have responded to them, so you can't stop using them now. But once they get blown out in them (they are playing UConn next, right?), they should go away.

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Tradition-laden Irish???

The basketball team has worn these colors over the past 40 years:


Canary Yellow

Old Gold


Forest Green

Lime Green


That's almost as bad as the Chicago White Sox or Manchester United.

Does anyone have a picture of Notre Dame in lime green?

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