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I was finding that I'm not alone in the Red Sox Nation in this feeling: the ex manager of the NY Yankees, Joe Torre, is a good guy. More than that, he is noble and deserves all our admiration.

It's really hard to "hate" him. ;)

Personally, among the "enemies" I can tell that I like Lou Gehrig, Casey Stengel and Babe Ruth (down with the curse! He never jinxed us) from the Yankees. Maybe Yogi Berra can be added in this list.

From the Dodgers (I also am a Giants fan): Roy Campanella, Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider and Gil Hodges. Tommy Lasorda? Naaaaah. :D

From the Toronto Maple Leafs, only I can mention Frank Mahovlich.

C'mon pals, which enemies do you really admire?

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Yankees: (formerly) Joe Torre, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, & Mariano Rivera. That was it from this year's team.

Mets: Tom Glavine (who will probably be a Brave again next year), Pedro Martinez, Jose Reyes

Saints: Deuce McAllister, Drew Brees, I respected Joe Horn alot when he was with the Saints, Ironhead Heyward, Aaron Brooks, whoever that Beerman dude was, and Jim Mora Sr.

Panthers: Everybody except Steve Smith, because they have to be noble if they can put up with that sunuvabitch.

Florida: Tim Tebow, Chris Leak

Ole Miss: Deuce again, and that's about it.

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Good topic. Most of mine are going to be from back in the days when I took my sports a lot more seriously than I do now.

Terry Bradshaw: He played for The Steelers and I am a Browns fan but I always liked Terry as a player. I could never stir up the dislike for Bradshaw that I had for Franco Harris, Jack Lambert etc.

Joe Greene: See above.

Drew Pearson: I hated the Cowboys with a passion back in those days but I always liked Drew Pearson.

David Ortiz: I'm certainly no fan of the Red Sox but I've always liked Big Pappy. Dude can flat out hit and he seems like a good guy.

Bernie Williams: Hated his team but I always liked him as a player.

The Yankees: It's hard to hate a team full of players that are truly classy most of the time.

Edit: I forgot to add that I am still looking for a Michigan player that would fit the bill. So far it's been 46 years... B)

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Mets - Willie Randolph

Red Sox - ............. i really don't know.

Cowboys - Wade Phillips (He ain't his dad, but he's still a nice enough guy)

Redskins - Joe Gibbs, Jason Campbell

Eagles - ............. i really don't know.

Rangers - ............. i really don't know.

Flyers - ............. i really don't know.

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I am an O's, Bills, and Sabres fan.

Yankees: Joe Torre and Jorge Posada

Red Sox: Mike Lowell

Dolphins: Dan Marino and Jason Taylor

Pats: Mike Vrabel (Teddy Bruschi, but ESPN's obsession of him pisses me off)

Senators: Nick Foligno

Maple Leafs: Jason Blake

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I admire Manny Ramirez and think he's the most misunderstood, and unfairly maligned athlete in America. I've even defended him in arguments with friends who root for the Red Sox. As much as it pains me to say it, I have no problem with pretty much all the Red Sox (besides their being on the Red Sox, natch) except for Curt Schilling, who I dislike intensely for reasons that have little to do with him being on the Sox for the last couple seasons and a lot with him being a pompous :censored:.

I dislike the Eagles (even though I don't root for their direct rivals) but McNabb is my favorite player in the NFL.

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Florida: Tim Tebow

You might be the only UGA fan who feels that way. Personally, I think he's over-hyped and a sore loser. I don't remember seeing him on the field at the end of the games when Florida lost when it came to shake hands and such.

Eh, I just like him because of his off-the-field contributions to society. He did some mission work overseas, and anybody who can do that and be in the public eye, especially in athletics, is okay in my book.

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When I was a kid I absolutely hated the Yankees. As a teenager though I read books such as "Reggie" and "The Bronx Zoo," and gained an admiration for the players. Then in my 20's I learned more about the Yankees as an organization, and developed a profound respect for what George Steinbrenner and his minions have done from a business perspective.

So while I still don't root for the Yankees (or really for much anyone else in particular anymore), I have turned my hatred for them into a profound, healthy respect and appreciation.

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from all the teams that I despise in one way or another:

Giants - uh...I don't really like anyone from them.... if I had to pick one I guess I would say JT Snow, for whatever reason...

Padres - Trevor Hoffman.... one of the greatest to ever step out onto the field.

Patriots - I hate the Patriots as much as anyone. I do however admire what Troy Brown was able to do, especially when asked to play both offense and defense. But I really hate the Pats....

Spurs - Duncan is a great player, and he's not selfish like most NBA players seem to be

Suns - Steve Nash is a great fundamental player. I just wish he would stop killing the Lakers....

Sharks - eh...don't really hate or admire any of their players.... just don't like the team

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Back in the day when I was on a huge anti-Leafs trip, I did admire Gilmore and Clark. They were goo, honourable players.

I'm not fond of the Sens, but I like Spezza, Heatley and Redden (Alfie and Emery still suck balls)

I like Beckett, Papelbon and Varitek from the Bosox, can't say there is anyone on the Yanks I like at all.

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Patriots: At first I really thought Tom Brady was overrated, but the more I've seen of him the more I've been able to appreciate what he can do. He's a tremendous player. I've also always liked Rodney Harrison for some reason, never understood why he got the "dirty" label.

Michigan Wolverines: I definitely don't agree with everything he says, but I have a great amount of respect for Mike Hart as a player.

NBA: I hate the refs for not calling travels on LeBron in Games 3 & 5 of the 2006 playoffs, but that's about it.

Mets: Big fan of Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins, but that's about it.

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I'm a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Washington Wizards, and New York Knicks

I like:

Patriots: Deion Branch is the only one of the last five years that I can appreciate.

Dolphins: I've always kind of liked Jason Taylor.

Jets: I was a huge fan of Keyshawn, but that's going way back.

Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade, post-kidney failure Alonzo Mourning

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I like Jorge Posada on the Yankees. I used to dislike the guy, but over the last few years he's become one of the only players I can say I like on the Yankees. Mariano Rivera is another guy I like, as well as Andy Pettitte. The I only guy I can say I really hate is Johnny Damon. Aside from him, the only other guy on the Yankees I dislike is Robinson Cano. The rest, while I'm not big fans of theirs, I don't mind them, just the uniform they wear.

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