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Choose your own Oregon uniforms!


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The UniWatch Blog points out this site that allows viewers to choose their own favorite combinations of Oregon football uniforms.

For the record, my choices (all including the green helmet and white shoes and socks)

HOME: Green jersey, white pants. (But if gold pants were offered, I'd choose those.)

ROAD: White-with-green jersey, green pants.

ALT: Black jersey, green pants.

There. How difficult can that be? (Carbon? Steel?)

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This is pretty cool, here's what I have:

HOME: Green helmet, green jersey, white pants, white shoes/socks

AWAY: White helmet, white jersey w/ green, green pants, white shoes/socks

HOME ALT: Green helmet, yellow jersey, white pants, white shoes/socks

AWAY ALT: Green helmet, white jersey w/ green, white pants, white shoes/socks

For the record, black/black/black and carbon/black/carbon look really good. I just didn't pick them because, well, black and carbon are NOT school colors.

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(HOME) carbon helmet - green jersey - green pants - black socks & cleats



(ROAD) green helmet - white jersey - green pants - white socks & cleats



(ALT) green helmet - yellow jersey - green pants - black socks & cleats


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HOME: carbon helmet, green jersey, black pants, black socks/shoes...

AWAY: white helmet, white jersey with green, white pants, white socks/shoes...

ALT: green helmet, yellow jersey, green pants, white socks/shoes.

if only they had yellow pants to choose from, and/or a yellow helmet. there just weren't enough combinations! B)

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#1 - A football team's helmet is a primary source of its identity. No team should have more than one helmet. Oregon's helmets should be yellow or green. I prefer yellow.

#2 - Carbon is not a color. Grey is. However, Grey numbers on a white jersey are unreadable and stupid.

#3 - Consistency also helps establish a team's identity. See Yankees, Longhorns, Canadiens, etc. Oregon should pick something and stick with it for at least 10 years.

#4 - It is a positive to differentiate your team from others. Uniqueness is good. Oklahoma/Indiana/Arkansas/etc. are very similar. Name another college team that has Yellow and Green as it's main colors? Name another team with a bright yellow helmet? (LSU). Big missed opportunity here.

My choices.

Yellow Helmet.

Green (H),White (A) and Yellow (alt) jerseys.

Yellow (H/A), White (alt) pants.

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Neat site, good find. I just messed with it and put it black, black, steel and it appears that the school colors of green and yellow are nowhere to be seen. Also, what is the difference between steel and carbon? Is it the shading?

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Oregon looks incredible. This is the best they've looked since the Harrington era. Simple, clean, and it shows up well against the blue turf.


Boise State on the other hand... ugh. The silver numbers are completely unnecessary. Although, for some reason I like gray facemasks better than the white.

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