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Searching for your 'whale'

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With the massive amount of jersey collectors we have here, I thought this would be a good place for a topic where we could all hopefully help each other out. Every collector has that great white whale that they are after, the piece that would either complete or serve as a cornerstone in their collection. If we have more eyes looking, things are found easier. So, to everyone that is looking for a must have item, post it here and maybe one of your other CCSLC members will have info on where to find it.

I'll start it off: I've been searching for a Miami Matadors jerseys for years. Why? It is the last team jersey I need before I have a full set of Florida hockey teams that have played in the NHL, IHL, ECHL, WHA2, or SPHL.

Post your hard to find items and maybe we can all help each other out. :hockeysmiley:

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My ultimate jersey goal is to put together a collection of each different style of jersey Steve Young ever wore at the college and pro levels. Currently, I am missing:

-BYU white

-1983 LA Express blue/white

-1984 LA Express blue/white

-Tampa Bay Buccaneers white

-pre-1996 49ers white

-1994 throwback red/white

-Pro Bowl '92-95, 97-98

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I've been searching for a Miami Matadors jerseys for years.

True story, my dad, grandfather, brother and I are at a Miami sports store in January of 1999, dad points to a Matadors jersey and asks if I want it - I say no. Why did I say no? I was too embarrassed to admit I wanted some "weird team" merchandise in front of a bunch of relatives.

One of those instant regret moments *sigh*

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not any particular name or number but i reallllllyyy want one of these


Make me an offer.

My "white whale" is a neon green WLAF Orlando Thunder jersey. I've seen a few on eBay over the years, but always get outbid.

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This is mine right here. It would basically complete my Twins collection, other than the first 2 road jerseys and some of the older BP jerseys. I would love to get my hands on one of those TATC jerseys.

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