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The Carolina Panthers new logo is HERE


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Fairly underwhelmed if you ask me. They could've done a lot better considering how beautifully rendered some of the more recent logos are done (Falcons, Cardinals, Texans, Seahawks, Lions, Jaguars, and others are what I'm talking about). So many inconsistant line-weights really ruin it for me, otherwise I would've liked it alot. What's up with the ears and neck? Why does the blue outline stop (same thing with the right side of its face)? It makes no sense to me, it just looks so mediocre.

I would've just handed to job to someone like Verlander...or heck, call up Davidon or Brandon Moore and try to work something out with their renderings.

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A quick trace in Illustrator, trying my best to eliminate the curves of the hands and fingers, yields this:


There are definitely parts of this I really like and parts I really don't. I'm gonna tweak the bits I'm sour on and see how it could have looked.

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