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New WVU Uniforms

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So, they just colored in some side panels and called it a day? THAT'S all the effort nike put into these uniforms? That's sad. Really sad. And those numbers make me want to hurl.

Almost as bad as UNC.

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The number font is definitely the worst part of these. They're pretty good, albeit a bit generic. My favorite part is the addition of the yellow helmet, but they really could have done without the white one. Not every team needs an all white look. The use of black is disappointing, but at least it's hard to distinguish from the navy blue at a distance.


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Uninspired design complete with random panel coloring and a confusing number font. I get that it's inspired by something -- but that doesn't mean they have to look bad, too.

Also, if you're gonna take some inspiration for one piece of your uniform, go all out with it. These are and likely will always be my favorite WV unis for that reason:


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Call me crazy... I know I'm part of the minority here, but West Virginia pulled off the gray look so well.

I love both of these looks, and a navy uniform option would look just as great.



Edit: Not to mention this is one of my favorite templates ever created by Nike.

It's a shame they allow it for widespread use now, I would've been fine with seeing West Virginia use it forever, nobody else.



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I agree. For me, that design WAS West Virginia's signature—and the way those shoulder/front panel shapes almost kinda formed a "W" was a slight stroke of genius.

Shame to see all that go by the wayside.

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What's the significance of the bird? Did I miss it?

And the number font is pretty bad. But like DCIDH said, no black, which is a plus.

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