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Best Usage of Red and Blue


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I know most of us think red and blue is an overused color combination in sports... and rightfully so. Still, it can be a very pleasing look when executed correctly. Just curious as to what are some people's favorite red and blue looks.








Not even gonna pretend to be without bias here, but with all respect due to the Rangers, I want the Admirals to bring back these colors and the anchor stripe in the worst way.



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Not exactly true to your criteria of ONE team, but if you're a uniform traditionalist and like clean, crisp looks, it's hard to beat Nebraska on the road at Penn State. It's a perfect blend of red, white and blue.

The helmets practically match with a single stripe and matching facemask color, and you have an alternating combo of color/white for the pants and jerseys. Also, since Penn State wears all-white on the road, this look isn't quite as good when the games are played in Nebraska. Same goes for Wisconsin - since they rarely break out the red pants, but NU wears them full-time on the road.

Is it a homer pick? Sure. But it's also one of the more visually stimulating Big Ten games since both teams have equal balance of white and their respective colors in their uniform sets.



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Definitely my favorite in the NFL.

Aall-time favorite in the NBA is the Washington Bullets

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



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I prefer when blue dominates the red so I'm not a fan of those Patriots and Bullets uniforms.

Here's my favorites


Honorable mention: The late Montreal Expos uniforms because they were basically the same as the Cubs


I'm glad someone posted this before me because now I look like less of a homer, but I actually think this is the best blue/red look in the NHL. It's modern without looking like one of the over the top edge disasters, and with the navy and red pants it's a look all their own. If they never change uniforms I'll be just fine with that.



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