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Inaccurate colors/uniforms in video games that should know better

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It's not a problem with the uniforms themselves, but in NCAA 14, the home crowd for Umass (who played generic stadium, rather than Gillette) wore red and blue.


Well, they do use blue as an accent color in their uniforms, don't they?
UMass had blue striping on their helmet in 2011. And had a light blue shade from 1970-1984. They've used Red, black, and grey from 2012-Current.

Edit: the blue now appears to have stuck around a little longer than just 2011. As to add another twist, I see pictures (but don't know how to post them) of the white helmet (with red and blue striping), but has a maroon (not the red from the helmet stripe) jersey with black siding!


All credit goes to their respective creators (Veras and hawkfan89)


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Fifa 16 has Marseille numbers blue and white, instead or blue and gold

Also the keeper jerseys have the roundel logo, rather than the normal one.

Those bastards how could they!?

This thread is entitled "

Inaccurate colors/uniforms in video games that should know better"

In keeping with this spirit, I posted an "inaccurate colors:uniforms"(OM numbers, goalkeeper logo) which is "in video games that should know better"(FIFA 16) so your aggressive attitude is quite surprising and unwelcome.


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06 is an improvement on reality.

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Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



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Madden 05 and 06 got the Bengals new at the time uniforms incorrect, the numbers in 05 were from the Broncos, and in 06 block numbers.




I also remember them putting the leaping tiger logo on the sleeve on one of the jerseys.


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Not an innaccuracy, but in NCAA March Madness 08 if you do throwback uniforms, sometimes they come up as short shorts barely making it to the thigh.

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A bunch of other mistakes I found in NBA 2K16:

The 2002-03 Mavericks have the modern, light blue away jersey; they didn't wear that until 2010.


Yeah, I found that pretty odd as well.

I do find it funny that they put in the effort to give some of the newer classic teams their proper alternates (Suns' orange, Cavs' blue, etc.), but they couldn't be bothered to give the '95 Magic their blue alts, which they wore fairly regularly during the 1994-95 season and exclusively during road playoff games). It's not like they weren't featured in past 2K games. And weirdly, they took the time to give '13 Miami nearly their entire uniform catalog from that season.

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In both Madden 07 and 08, on 6th gen consoles, the cover athlete was wearing a uniform combination that was not selectable in the game!

Good catch! I remember that about '08. I would occasionally be the Titans and be ticked off that I could wear the light blue jersey only with the dark blue pants.

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Ah, I miss MVP 05. I got heavy into playing the modded computer game and even made a few uniforms. Is anybody still actively modding for that game?

People used to mod that? That's sweet. I'd love to design uniforms for it.

www.mvpmods.com was the place for all that. I think they even did MLB 2k12 when that came out on PC. People still mod Madden 08 on the PC to this day as well....


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I can't find a picture but on the loading screen of NCAA Football 14 Baylor had double TV numbers

Madden 2013 forgot that the Giants road uniform had stripes at all (the 49ers look messed up in this photo, but I remember their striping being pretty accurately cutoff like in real life),

and messed up the Panther's stripe colors.

Its the sleeve type, kyle orton had no stripes on his jersey for the bills

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