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After 35 years, CBS Sports is changing its logo


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a logo is only the tip of the iceberg of an identity, and seeing a logo on a blank background like this doesn't show you anything about how it works where it is intended to "live" or how it works with the rest of the identity. the logo isn't really "new", they've changed the typeface and colors to be modern and more unique (royal blue is about as generic as it gets).

this typeface and containing shape doesn't need to be more than what it is, and what it is will translate to web, TV, and mobile very well. i have to say it is long overdue for such and upgrade - things have moved along very fast over 35 years and CBS is just now catching up. the iconic eye (designed by legendary designer Paul Rand) stays and will always be the "beacon" of CBS.

what we should really be saying here is "we need to see the rest of it". it looks like we'll have to wait until the Super Bowl for that, but there is much more to this than what you see now. but judging from a single shot, i like it a lot so far.

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I guess I'm in the minority here, but I like the change. The (now) old logo, I feel, has looked a little outdated for some time. And I disagree that the new one lacks personality; the CBS logo itself - an iconic mark, if you ask me - is still very much there and I think they've actually used that font across CBS in its entirety for a couple years in primetime promos and news, so it's nothing they've pulled out of nowhere. It's kind of a "CBS look" already, and I think it works just fine.

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I don't like the new logo, but I wonder if the new graphics package means CBS is finally going to finally convert its full graphics package to 16:9 as they are currently 4:3 with some of the graphics outside of the 4:3 safe box.

Maybe, some day, ESPN will stop pushing its graphics into the 4:3 box for ESPN on ABC broadcasts.

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Well, they traded in their iconic logo and typeface for their iconic logo and scoreboard from the 1990s ... and more recently.

Easiest place I could find an example was Coach K College Basketball for Sega Genesis in 1995. I always thought it was cool that the game "borrowed" that style.


Not sure this is a necessary change, but it still feels like CBS Sports to me, and my guess is the new graphics package will tie into this theme seamlessly.

Was that needed? Probably not when your logo and typeface has lasted since 1981. I mean, I don't know if any old logo has ever been as ready-made for a favicon, app button, pinned browser tab, etc. as the CBS eye.

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