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Battle of the brids at Superbowl 39


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This years Nfl teams are really hard to judge, even after 2 pre season games. So many players are going out on injury and so many are having drug charges. Most of the teams have a new look to them. Like Cleveland has Jeff Garcia, and the Eagles signed T.O. So many teams also have young quarterbacks starting. It's hard to say if Carson Palmer can lead the Bengals to another playoff chase. The defense area is pretty much set. The Ravens will dominate pretty much any team the comes by. But they really need Kyle Boller to step up. He needs to throw more than 7 touchdown passes. (his last years stat) But i have a feeling he will do so and thats why i pick the Ravens to be the ?Primetime? AFC Champions.

Who will they play, you ask? Well the team that lost in the NFC championship game 3 straight times. Last years Eagle offense was missing one thing, and during the offseason they got it. His name is T.O. Now finally McNabb will have a great receiver to throw to. The Eagles lost Duce and a couple secondary guys, including Troy Vincet to the Bills, but i have a feeling that Westbrook and Buckhalter will come up large in the back field, and Dawkings will,as always, light it up on the other side of he field. After all the Eagles D is rated fourth in the league. O yea, did i mention that the Eagles d-line got a freak at right end? He will help that number four ranking, alot.

So in this years Superbowl, the reason i say the Eagles will come out large is because of their electric offense. You will hear Mcnabb to Owens alot this season. Come on now, what will give more yards? That or hearing Boller to Taylor?! Yea, my point made. I think early on the Ravens will get away with some big running plays, but the Philly D-line will learn fast, and for the Eagles running game, don't count on anything big. It won't be as much as a pure deffense game as it will be thought to. Just that the Ravens will have a wee bit trouble scoreing on the Eagles D. Therefore, the score of the Superbowl will be Eagles 28 Ravens 13.

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The Broncos will defeat the Colts to make it to the Super Bowl, where they will embarrass the overconfident Eagles, 31-10.

Bust Team: New England

Sleeper Team: New York Giants

Bust Player: Phillip Rivers, SDG

Sleeper Player: Quentin Griffin, DEN (narrowly defeating Kurt Warner, NYG)

First Coach Fired: Dave Wannstedt, MIA

Coach of the Year: Mike Shanahan, DEN

NFL MVP: Donovan McNabb, PHI

Super Bowl MVP: Jake Plummer, DEN

Several Fearless Predictions:

Peyton Manning will become the next Kurt Warner... a minor nagging injury will reduce his effectiveness. Whether Manning will ever return to form the same way Warner will this year is up in the air.

Michael Vick will be outstanding, except he will have 3 bad games. Week 4, 9, and 10. However the Falcons defense will be plagued by injury, and the Falcons will lose more than one high scoring shootout. He will lose the MVP narrowly to the Eagles McNabb, due to the Eagles better record. This will be met with great criticism by JamesCraven, who will mention that the decision "B, B, B, B, B, S, S, & S's". ^_^

Phillip Rivers, largely thanks to the extra L in his given name, will become the next Ryan Leaf. LaDainian Tomlinson, despite a huge new contract, will become disillusioned, and his performance will suffer. The Chargers will refuse to trade him.

Dante Hall will do absolutely nothing.

St. Louis' offense will be plagued by turnovers (largely interceptions), and Mike Martz will be the third coach fired this year, or the first coach fired next year.

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i've said it before, and i'll say it again:

Colts over Patriots in AFC Championship

Seahawks over Eagles (4-straight) in NFC Championship

Colts over Seahawks in highest scoring SB ever.

Bust Team: Denver Broncos

Sleeper Team: Buffalo Bills

Bust Player: Kurt Warner & Eli Manning, NYG

Sleeper Player: Willis McGahee, BUF

First Coach Fired: Dave Wannstedt, MIA

Coach of the Year: Tony Dungy, IND

NFL MVP: Michael Vick, ATL

Super Bowl MVP: Peyton Manning, IND

Offensive ROY: Kellen Winslow II, CLE

Defensive ROY: Sean Taylor, WAS

Comeback POY: Mark Brunell, WAS

eppers predictions:

the 49ers will end the season with the worst record in football, 3-13.

the colts and eagles will have the best record in football, 13-3.

Eli Manning will show why he's overrated and overpaid, and Kurt Warner will show why he hasnt won a game in almost 3 years, as the Giants resume their spot in the NFC East basement.

the bills will have the most feared backfield in football, the Travis/Willis Show.

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Bust Team: Tennessee

Sleeper Team: Jacksonville

Bust Player: Steve McNair

Sleeper Player: Rich Gannon

NFL MVP: Michael Vick

Super Bowl MVP: Michael Vick

I wont say GB because ill sound biased(event hough we all know theyll be there ^_^ ) but ill say jags and Falcons...... with atlanta winning

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The Broncos will defeat the Colts to make it to the Super Bowl, where they will embarrass the overconfident Eagles, 31-10.

I like the way you think SyPhi. I've been telling people that this would be the Super Bowl since the Champ Bailey deal went down.

Don't be mistaken by the Broncos two awful preseason showings -- they ARE one of the better teams in the NFL.

And I will take your prediction one step further, SyPhi.

Champ Bailey will shut down Terrell Owens completely, in that game.

Although I will say that I'm also leaning towards the Panthers to possibly get back to the big game.

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I don't think the Eagels will make to the super bowl, I think playing in the NFC east will wear them down for the playoffs. I think Seattle will win the NFC. In the AFC I think the Broncos will make it to Jacksonville and win the big game. I watched most of their games last year on the dish and from what I saw their biggest problem was their secondary. They addressed that, they will be able to run the ball because they still have a great offensive line.

Denver over Seattle in an old AFC west matchup in the Super Bowl.

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Predictions for this season:

AFC East

New England 15-1

others 6-10

AFC North

Baltimore 10-6

Cincinnati 9-7

Pittsburgh 6-10

Cleveland 3-13

AFC South

Indianapolis 13-3

Tennessee 13-3

Houston 5-11

Jacksonville 5-11

AFC West

Kansas City 10-6

Denver 10-6

Oakland 7-9

San Diego 2-14

NFC East

Philadelphia 14-2

Washington 9-7

Dallas 8-8

NY Giants 6-10

NFC North

Green Bay 11-5

Minnesota 6-10

Chicago 5-11

Detroit 5-11

NFC South

Carolina 10-6

Tampa Bay 9-7

Atlanta 8-8

New Orleans 6-10

NFC West

St. Louis 14-2

Seattle 13-3

Arizona 4-12

San Francisco 2-14

Wild Card

Seattle over Carolina

Green Bay over Washington

Baltimore over Kansas City

Tennessee over Denver

Divisional Playoffs

Seattle over St. Louis

Philadelphia over Green Bay

Indianapolis over Tennessee

New England over Baltimore

Conference Championships

Seattle over Philadelphia

New England over Indianapolis

Super Bowl XXXIX

Seattle over New England

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I think its really tough this year, but I am gonna pick the Patriots for a repeat. I dunno about the NFC, but I like the Cowboys for a good run maybe at the moment, maybe the Falcons. But the NFL is getting harder and harder to predict IMO.

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I think the Jets are finally due this year. Herm and Chad could go places if their defense plays a game or two this season.


E: Jets

S: Colts

N: Browns

W: Chiefs


E: Cowboys

S: Bucs

N: Vikings

W: Cardinals

Super Bowl: Jets over the Vikings

and no, I haven't been drinking tonight.

well, no more than usual.

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its not out of the question that the bills, bengals, texans, and cardinals will make the playoffs. since the talent pool is so equal.

no the cowboys won't be going to the playoffs, they are still a 5-11 team, same for the panthers.

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I'd like to predict more, but I'm still not sure. The following I know for sure though:

Marc Bulger will be better than people expected, so will Rivers. Warner will get another shot due to a nagging injury to Manning, and blow it horribly again. Vick will work magic, but his O line and D will let him down. "McNabb to TO" will play several times every week on SportsCenter. Tony Hollings will break out. The Broncos will never establish their rushing game, will experience another Jake-bit injury, and fail to advance in the playoffs. The 'hawks will be strong, but a sleepy, slow team. Dante Hall will return several kicks for TDs in brilliant fashion, causeing millions of fantasy players to pick him up for 5 weeks, get nothign out of him and drop him, just in time for another 250-yard, 2 TD Game... I will probably be one of those guys. Culpepper will have brilliant numbers, low turnovers, but win-loss will suffer for lack of running game. Sean Taylor will look like a 5-year all pro. Kellen Winslow will catch everything thrown to him, then talk about it for 3 days. Bret will finally look old, feel old, then explode to finish the year strong as an ox. The Lions will be an exceptionally exciting team, but will lose some close one, due to youngin's mistakes. McNair will grind out another season, playing tough, hard-nosed football and earn the respect of every opposing player, and many, many fans. I will get tantalizingly close to the top of my fantasy league, only to fall to an un-manned team who happens to have marvin harrison on a 4-td day.

And I predict that someone will bitch they their favorite player is gettin no respect!

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anyone who picked dallas is really just a bandwagon fan - just like yankees fans



W: Seahawks

N: Packers

S: Panthers

WC: Rams, Vikings


E: Patriots

W: Chiefs

N: Ravens

S: Colts

WC: Titans, Jets

Conference Championships:

Eagles v. Seahawks

Patriots v. Colts

Super Bowl XXXIX:

Eagles 23, Patriots 17

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East - Patriots

North - Ravens

South - Colts

West - Chiefs

Wild Cards - Jets, Bengals


East - Eagles

North - Packers

South - Panthers

West - Seahawks

Wild Cards - Lions, Cowboys



Ravens over Jets

Colts over Bengals

Chiefs over Colts

Patriots over Ravens

Patriots over Chiefs


Cowboys over Seahawks

Lions over Panthers

Cowboys over Packers

Lions over Eagles

Cowboys over Lions

Super Bowl:

Patriots over Cowboys

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The Broncos will take out New England in the AFC Title game and go on the defeat their former AFC West Rival the Seahawks who beat the Eagles when TO severly sprained his knee in the NFC Title game.

Bust Team: Baltimore Ravens (due to Ray Lewis' season ending injury and Jamal Lewis being sent to prison)

Sleeper Team: Buffalo Bills

Bust Player: Phillip Rivers, SD (wont play a down due to sitting out the entire season)

Sleeper Player: Chris Brown, TEN & Tatum Bell, DEN

First Coach Fired: Dave Wannstedt, MIA

Coach of the Year: Mike Holmgren, SEA

NFL MVP: Steve McNair, TEN

Offensive ROY: Eli Manning, NYG

Densive ROY: DJ Williams, DEN

Super Bowl MVP: Champ Bailey, DEN

My Fearless Predictions:

Michael Vick will excite everyone with not only his running ability but with his newly found throwing skills with their new West Coast Offense, however landing down in third behind the Panthers and Saints but earning a Wild Card birth.

Kurt Warner will fall to the ground because his best days behind him and Eli will be outstanding, despite what everyone thinks.

Phillip Rivers, will sit out the entire season because he's not getting the contract he wants, thus crushing the Chargers hopes of being a contender despite the extraordinary play of LT.

Dante Hall will realize that he's not as good as everyone thinks because the refs will finally catch the holding and blocks-in-the-back by the Chiefs special teams.

Chris Brown will run all over the AFC South and catapult the Titans over the Colts and an inconsistant Peyton Manning and into the Division Title.

Tatum Bell (starter) and Quentin Griffin (situational) will replace Portis and produce more than Portis this year (due to Portis' lack of an offensive line), causing the Broncos to trade away Mike Anderson, who impressed everyone in the NFL as comeback player of the year with either the Eagles or Dolphins who sent a solid Defensive Lineman over to Denver solidifying Denver's Defense as the #2 defense in the league.

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