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NFL Team you love to hate


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I love to hate the Rams(look at the sig)

However the team that I cannot stand is the Raiders. They are by far the least likeable team from their owner to their players and most of all, to their fans.


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Filthadelphia Eagles.

I second that. No mater how bad this season was for the Falcons, I kinda took solice in the fact that "Well at least the Eagles sucked." Also, I hate the Panthers just because we couldn't beat those bastards like we normally do :cursing: , the Buccaneers, just because Pirates scare me :P, and the Saints because they suck.



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#1 Browns: when have you met a steeler fan that doesnt?

#2 Raiders: see #1

#3 Eagles: I hate Philadelphia all together {jelousy mostly}

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1. Without question The Philadelphia Eagles. I don't even have a good reason or a rivalry to base it on. I have just never liked that team. The more they lose the more I like it. Oddly enough I hate them more than my "natural" rivals. I had two complaints with last year's Super Bowl, 1. The Eagles were playing in it, and 2. New England didn't beat them by 30. I just despise The Eagles.

2. The Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm a Browns fan. I have to hate The Steelers. Plus their fans bail on that team the minute they lose in the playoffs or are eliminated from playoff contention. (C'mon...what did you expect a Browns fan to say?) One and Done again this year Steeler Fans. How's life with Coach Schottenheimer the second? (Since most Steeler fans are a little slow I'll tell them that I am referring to Bill "I can't win the big one either" Cowher.)

3. The Baltimore Ravens. Ugly uniforms, criminals for players, and then there's that little issue we have with Art Modell.

4. The Oakland Raiders. You know I used to like The Raiders but I got so sick of hearing the media talk about how great they were going to be every season only to see them go 4-12 again that I can't stand them anymore. I guess ESPN's "football experts" are to blame for this one. Any idiot could see this was a 5 win team this season but there was Clayton et al talking about how Moss put the Raiders in contention. Yeah right.

5. The Atlanta Falcons. Almost forgot them. Ugly uniforms, ugly stadium, fairweather fans, boring team. Vick is fun to watch but otherwise there is not much to like with the Falcons.

Everyone else is OK by me.






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Philadelphia Eagles. There's nothing likable about the team at all.

Even Mama McNabb is getting on my nerves. Besides, she's been replaced as badassinest football mom by Mama Portis.




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Denver Broncos. Everyone thinks that the KC/Oakland rivalry is more fierce, but ask any Bronco or Chiefs fan, the Denver rivalry is much more intense.

Oakland Raiders. Like I said, not as intense as Denver, but I'm a Raider Hater for life.

Dallas Cowboys. I hope they never return to their winning days and I wish only the worst on that organization.

New York Giants. Eli Manning, 'nuff said.

Baltimore Ravens. Just a bunch of thugs and Brian Billick, not a favorable combination.

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St. Louis Rams and the Indianapolis Colts.

However, the team I hate the most of all time has got to be..the Atlanta Falcons.

Why? Well I shall explain it: They choke. Plain and simple. They can't play worth :censored:, and I have pretty much give up on defending them from the idiots who only open their mouth about the Falcons when they lose.

"Vick is over-rated!" they shout, but anytime he wins..where are these people? Nowhere to be found.

Frankly, I'm sick of having to defend them year after year.


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As a Bucs fan I feel inclined to dislike all of our divisional opponents (Car, Atl, NO) only as a divisional rivalry.

Outside of division I originally couldnt stand the Rams since they stole an NFC Championship from the Bucs in the 1999-2000 season. Then came the Eagles until we beat 'em in the NFC Championship game of the 2002-03 season. Now, I guess it's no one really but I'll say the Redskins now since we played a good game against them in the reg. season this season, then this Saturday is Wild Card Weekend against them and then we play them for next years reg. season.

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1) New England Patriots

Distant second-Seattle Seahags

3) San Francisco 49ers

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