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2008 WS logo


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I'm not crazy about the green in the lettering highlights or in the MLB logo ... seems like it's forced in there a bit too much. I'd rather see yellow in there instead. But still, one of the better logos in recent memory.

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Those will look great on the Sox jerseys come October. Red Sox that is.


Actually, I was going to mention -- Those colors don't really go with ANY team except maybe the Athletics. Can you imagine that on a Diamondbacks or Angels uniform? Too much green.

It's beautiful as a stand alone logo, but bad when they make it a patch or a uniform, or cap.

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Nice. I'm glad they're doing away with the WS from 2088 look.

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This is so many miles ahead of the the terrible logos they'd been using since 2004, but it's still not perfect. The green beveling on the lettering isn't working for me, nor is the addition of "Fall Classic" on that ribbon device, especially in the modern sans-serif typeface. It clashes the same way as the dueling serifs/sans-serifs on the ASG logo, and noting that it'sm in its entirety, the World Series Fall Classic 2008 seems a little redundant and out of place, since it's a nickname for a nickname for the baseball championship. It'd be like the NFL putting "THE BIG GAME" or something on its Super Bowl logo. Actually, with the precipitous decline in Super Bowl logo quality, they just might.

Aside from those nitpicks, this is comparatively awesome.

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Very, very nice, except for the weird shade of puke green, thats the only thing that takes away from the design.

Much, much better than the logos in recent years. The best since the 90s for sure.



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