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What Sports Moment Gives You Chills?


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When Joe Sakic handed the Stanley Cup to Ray Bourque before even lifting it himself.

This might be my favorite sports moment I've seen live (in the sense that it was on tv live, not that I was there). The Avs were my favorite team growing up and Ray Bourque became my favorite player the year they got him.

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09 AFC championship game - Waynes winning TD

(he was the only guy that was going to win this game. the other guys didnt do much this that day, Peyton had to go to him. best player in crunch time. broke the CB off and made a hell of a catch)


Super Bowl XLII - Manning to Tyree

(best SB play ever IMO)

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I have two that get me every single time, and I was lucky enough to be in attendance for both:

1) Even though I now hate his guts... "Off the floor! On the board! Paul Kariya!"


2) After Game 5 of the 2007 Cup Final - "Scott Niedermayer, Come on back up. It's your turn to hoist the Cup"

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The one that I thought of immediately was Boise State. Then here are some of my favorites. I remember where I was for each...

Living room loveseat.

At this game, 5 rows up from Tampa's bullpen. The last play, btw.

Also Matt Bryant's 62 yard game winning fieldgoal. Throw in Joe Carter, too.

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I, like some others, see the two questions as independent from each other. I'd rank seeing my Dad hit a hole in one in my top five, yet there was no broadcast call of that, or I remember the earliest sports memory of TV or I was at a game in which the moment did not really need words.

Plus, those of us old enough to remember watching/hearing game 1 of the 1988 World Series, recall either seeing (and hearing) the Vin Scully call ,which I cannot find by itself after five minutes searching or the Jack Buck "radio" call.

As for calls, I have many, but I will give three which are "off the board".

November 5, 1994: Foreman vs. Moorer (Jim Lampley, Gil Clancy & Larry Merchant on the call).


April 10, 2005: The Masters-16th Hole (Verne Lundquist on the call).


I will also always remember Foreman saying, "Don't do it son!" to a fan during the in-ring riot following first Riddick Bowe/Andrew Golata fight in 1996. That is also available on youtube.

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