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New Winnipeg Jets Jerseys


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They do not need more red. If they had red instead of light blue, ya'll would be saying "ANOTHER red and blue team?! They should have replaced the red with [insert color here]" instead of "double blue. What a fad."

First, these don't look a thing like any of the other double blue sweaters in the league, which are also all alternates.

Second, we've known they were going double blue for months. When it came out that the red would be restricted to the logos, a whole lot of people were very happy.

Third, no piping. No pit stains. No half way around elbow stripes.

These look like they belong on a pro hockey rink. I'll be wearing mine with pride.

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For the most part, I like these. The only part I'm not crazy about is the sleeve stripes going over the navy blue part running down from the shoulders on the whites. Ditch the navy part and just leave the sleeve stripe, and you're golden. Digging the name and number font, too.

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Any more red and everyone would be screaming "they're too much like the Blue Jackets!!!". I like the light/dark blue combination with just a touch of silver.

They kinda remind me of the BJ's alternate right now.


And their home and away doesn't really have that much red, so why not?

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