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New wallpaper idea - worn out retro logo tee shirt

MG helmets

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looks fairly good. something about the shirt texture looks off. it looks too fake. for me, id rather see the logo take up a lot more space to the point its being cropped on at least 2 sides. or go the other way and shrink it down about 3x the size

funny, the shirt texture is an actual heather grey shirt. The wrinkles need a little cleaning up, I know, but that is an easy fix.

This is a cropped image of my full-size wallpaper. The logo is proportionally smaller on the original.

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MG...that looks fantastic.

How did you get the (I'm assuming) flat logo artwork to follow the "contours" of the shirt?

(I'm teaching myself Photoshop)

simple displacement mapping. There are a ton of tutorials online about using them. Fairly simple technique.

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These are pretty awesome. I had an idea to do something like this for a tshirt design. Do you, or anyone else, know if this is they way they make worn-looking tshirts? Just print this graphic on a shirt?

Awesome work. If I can't find a good tutorial on how to make this happen I'm going to join the chorus requesting a tutorial.

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Would you be talking requests anytime soon? These look absoultely great!

These take a while to put together since every logo works a little differently. There is no cookie-cutter procedure, which is why I'm hesitant to take requests. I can, but can make no promises on time-frames.

I just need to know:

team (specify logo or helmet)

shirt color

size needed

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