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New Miami(FL) Football Uniforms


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I feel like that is a concept rather than the actual uniforms. Not saying they won't be nearly identical or anything, but I saw a few typos, the template is from some original 2009 Nike Pro Combat stills, and it lists the renderings by an actual person and it hosted on that person's photobucket. All this just adds up to feeling like a concept. It might be real, but that's just the way I'm seeing it! I hope they keep their helmet stripes like they normally are, though. I like them the way they are currently!

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Fake. Golden has already said green jerseys and orange pants are verboten

As noted earlier, they wore orange pants. And Golden has come out and said he never said anything about uniforms, whatever was floated on the net was 100% rumor.

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Fake (in the sense that it's a[nother] pro-combat knockoff that some kiddie did at home). Supposedly (as was alluded to earlier in the thread), green jerseys are no longer going to be part of the uniform. Simply: white on road, orange at home.

(EDIT: Maybe Geoff knows more about this "issue", but we all know how easy internet rumors can spread.)

Will this be the final design? Doubtful. I anticipate the same (current) font with sleeve stripes from the 80s and perhaps piping from ~2000-'03.

Should be interesting since Golden wants simple, yet Miami has always been used (up until the most recent design) as an innovator.

Difference between Miami and Oregon is...no one wants to copy Oregon. :P

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I saw this on Canesinsider

New Miami Uniforms

Personally, I love them! The only trhing I'd change is the number font to block.

Wouldn't a cleat not be a drawing, but would show an actual prototype?

Also the images say "Renderings by Leonardo Ramos".

Please do a search for "Leonardo Ramos + Nike" and tell us what you see.


So 'es one a dem pedo peoples...

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Yes, clearly a fake-- but was anyone else laughing at the stretches this guy made to justify his design choices? "The Eye" on the pants? Really? Nothing beats the hip logos saying that another Miami player is there with them. It's decent in terms of presentation, but the content is horrible.

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