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Logos/Uniforms Gone Too Soon


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While looking on the mothership, I thought about the logos that was taken away too soon. Thus the birth of this thread. One of mine is the Detroit Pistons alternate logo from 2001-2006. It was a good logo, but I felt like it didn't have its time to grow.

*Note: this is a purely opinionated thread*

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how long before this turns into post every logo that had a short shelf life?

Or in some cases, logo's just not in use, like the jaguars one posted, that was used for 18 seasons, so how the HELL was it taken away too soon? If it was the original logo that they never got to use due to being sued by jaguar auto I could see.

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WFL: most of them (exceptions: Houston Texans (lowercase "h"); Detroit Wheels (use of lowercase "d"); Shreveport Steamer (too busy, odd choice of singular name); Jacksonville Express (too busy/detailed as well) NY Stars (boring; nothing to write home about); Chicago Winds (joke). Two of my faves:


USFL: Maulers, Bulls, Panthers, Wranglers, Bandits, Generals, and this beauty:


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Both of these were fantastic logos, and it's a shame they only lasted a combined 14 years:


This would have been one of my favourite cap logos in all of MLB if they removed the gradient. Shame it only lasted a year:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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