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Rare team matchups

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On 7/30/2019 at 12:19 AM, johnnysama said:

http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=single-weekly&game_id=1974_SD-OIL^1 - I can't seem to find any in-game pics, but in 1974, the (then) San Diego Chargers emerged with their new look complete with the first colored facemask in football and navy blue helmets and in its regular season debut, met the powder-blue helmeted Houston Oilers for the only time. The Oilers went to a white helmet the next season (everything else on the uniform went unchanged).

Finally found you a pic.


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b425b6df-2973-4aa1-8f12-c3a2dca31829-_GW - From last year. Qualifies since the Bucs have "gone back to the future" with their look this year.


873317470.jpg.0.jpg - So have the Cleveland Browns, and this 2018 matchup is the only time the new Detroit Lions (introduced in 2017) met the CLEVELAND set.

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The artists formerly known as the Washington Redskins:


2016 vs 2015-2019 Browns (also met in 2019 preseason where the Browns wore orange pants)


2019 vs 2017-present Lions


2019 vs 2019-present Jets


2018 vs 2018-present Titans


2017 vs 2017-2019 Rams


Redskins played the 2009-2012, 2013-2017, and 2018-present Jaguars once.




As a result of the recent news, Washington won't be facing the new look Falcons, Rams, Patriots, Chargers, Browns (though their look is back to their traditional look) and Bucs (though their look is mostly a return to the 1997-2013 look) as the Redskins.

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I can't believe we haven't mentioned this, possibly because it's WAAAY back, but the 1974 Philadelphia Eagles (first year of that uniform set worn until 1984, and first with those green helmets) met the New York Giants classic "NY" style twice (because they're in the same division); it was the last year of that look for the Giants.

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On 5/21/2013 at 1:35 PM, DustDevil61 said:

No pics, but the St. Louis (Football) Cardinals played the Indianapolis Colts in 1984: http://www.pro-footb...98409160clt.htm

Also, Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Bucs (Creamsicle) circa mid-1990s:


Though, with their now being in the same division, the Bucs wearing the Creamsicles at least once a year, and the Panthers' uniforms remaining virtually untouched, it's likely that we'll basically see this matchup once again.

EDIT: Here's one from the last few years:


What about the Rams' (virtually) current drab uniforms vs. the Bills' 2000s monstrosities, circa 2001-02?

All right, no moves/rebrandings here, but still somewhat in topic.

That's OK. Thanks to the extensive and exhaustive research done by the Gridiron Uniform Database, we know what the team uniform design matchup was for the NFL week 2 regular season game played on September 16, 1984 between the St. Louis Cardinals & the Indianapolis Colts:

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