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New Carolina Hurricanes uniforms

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The Carolina Hurricanes unveiled their new uniforms this morning. Voice your approval or displeasure.



My own opinion, they're a major downgrade and I'm disappointed.

UPDATE: June 5th 2013 1:21AM PST

Poll on the Canes.com message boards titled "Do you like the new uniforms?" is currently leading with 77.78% No


I'm not the least bit surprised.

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only in the NHL do people seek to make products less unique and more cookie-cutter.

I hate to say it, because most of what they've done in the NFL/CFB scares the hell out of me, but the NHL could use a little Nike in their lives right about now.

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I wasn't a huge fan of the old uniforms, but come on... These are so boring. And why there is no black on the home uniform, I'll never know... Big downgrade.

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Both jerseys are really uninspired, but alright looks on their own. I certainly don't think they work well together as a cohesive brand though.

And I literally laughed out loud when I saw this in the video. That is seriously a Red Wings jersey with the Canes logo on it...


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