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sportslogos.net missing logo thread


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I have reached out numerous times on this update, but I suppose throwing it here wouldn't hurt either.  The incredibly vast Wisconsin logo collection here is amazing, except it still doesn't have the new logos from the UA takeover in 2017


2017 Under Armour University of Wisconsin Update:

New Wordmarks






New Color Scheme (darker cardinal, Motion W and Bucky gets updated with this color scheme)



Source: 2017 University of Wisconsin Style Guide (https://licensing.wiscweb.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/88/2017/10/Wisconsin_StyleGuide_7_17.pdf)


They are countless more applications of the new cardinal and the new wordmarks and fonts, but the main differences are above.

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NFL Teams Logos'

Arizona Cardinals: 


Buffalo Bills: spacer.png


Dallas Cowboys:  spacer.png


Carolina Panthers: spacer.png

Detroit Lions: spacer.png

Miami Dolphins: spacer.png

San Francisco 49ers: spacer.png


Los Angeles Rams: spacer.png

Oakland/Las Vegas? Raiders: spacer.png spacer.png


Minnesota Vikings: spacer.png

Houston Texans: spacer.png

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: spacer.png

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Due to the Blues' success, I was digging through the closet and found an old fan jersey from my youth that featured a design that is not/doesn't match on file.


From http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/2544941988/St._Louis_Blues/1988/Jersey_Logo:



On-ice version:



The game-worn jerseys at this auction site show examples... notice the red inside the Blue Note and how it is not yet rounded, but jagged:



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Miami Dolphins 80s and 90s two-tone wordmark is missing. Currently only the single-color wordmark is listed.



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ANybody have the 1997 NFL Postseason Playoffs Logo ? it said playoffs and had the the nfl 25 star logo below it I think it had a little bit of red or orange on it with something wrapping around on the bottom connecting the P and S on the word Playoffs ..It was quite visable on the back bumpers for sure during the 97-98 playoffs of teams.

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A lot of logos from the 2018 Winter Classic have not been posted.


Here's an article with NYR wordmarks:





Also, the mothership doesn't have this NYR wordmark from the 90s that was used on hockey cards and Starter jackets:




That wordmark is the same font the Orlando Magic used, as well as the Avalanche NOB font (though I forget what it's called)


In fact, the mothership doesn't have a lot of older NHL wordmarks, probably due to file problems...


Old Bruins wordmark from the early 90s:

P6.jpgImage result for 1990 boston bruins upper deck

Image result for boston bruins pennant


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Missing 1997 NFL Playoff logos - including the NFL Wild card Weekend Logo and the PLAYOFFS LOGO, also notice the helmet, I did research and on the bumpers many players in the 97-98 playoff wore that bumper with the Playoffs logo with the NFL Shield below it. Only the 12 playoff teams for that year ever wore that Riddell Bumper - I found the Ben Coates one luckily .


Any HELP would be most thankful on creating the Playoffs Destination San Diego Graphic just like it shows on the Ben Cpoats helmet would be most grateful.


I have the Riddell Graphic and each of the 12 playoff teams from the 1997 playoffs Logos





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It's ultimately a bit minor; but I noticed that the mothership has the wordmarkless version of the Canucks' current logo as an alternate, but hasn't put it in the Primary Logos section...despite the new alternate logo for the 19/20 season already being up under the alternate logos section. Would make the page more consistent if someone added the wordmarkless logo to the Primary Logos section and maybe also added the new jerseys into their respective sections, since right now it makes it look like the only new thing for 2019/20 is the alternate logo.

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On 8/7/2019 at 9:30 PM, Phoenix Cycling said:

Hello, I’m looking for the two different sunburst logos (one mostly gold, the other mostly maroon) that Arizona State used in the 1970s. If somebody could point me to it, would be greatly appreciated. 

These are 2 I have that may be what you're looking for:
spacer.png     spacer.png

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On 6/10/2019 at 2:03 PM, TheAnt755 said:

Charlotte Panthersspacer.png

It's Carolina Panthers... And I know BoA changed their logo and I've seen it on the Panthers banner outside the stadium, but I haven't been able to find new signage yet.

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