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Favorite non-sports logo?

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Despite what's going on with them in the news, I've always liked Voltswagon's Circle VW logo, especially as a vehicle emblem:


And since we're talking European car companies, BMW's and Mini's have always stuck out to me.

There's also Jack in the Box's, while not the main logo itself but its outline (the rounded hexagon) used on cups, sandwich wrappers, etc. that's grown on me a lot:


Then there's the latest incarnation of Arby's logo has stuck out in my mind on how to properly update a logo.

(Couldn't post the rest because even though they're all PNGs, apparently "The extensions are not all supported.") <_<

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Knight Transportation.

I love the usage of negative space to create a knight and his horse within the K. Bonus points for looking like a sports logo. This would look absolutely sick on the side of a football helmet.

Actually, now that I think about it, Rutgers should just pay these guys a licensing fee and use this.


I've never looked at this thread before today, and had this logo in mind for my reply, for all the reasons you state.

And yes to it being on a football helmet.

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A few old logos I kinda miss...



A logo I wish should have stayed just a little bit longer...


I'm pretty sure I saw this one outside of one store sometime in the early-mid 90's

A logo that could've stood the test of time had it not been retired in the 90's...


And of course a few logos I wish were still being used in movies...waltdisneylogo.jpg7%2BNew%2BLine%2BCinema.png20130706013820!TriStar.jpg

And a video label I wish was still around...


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Man where do I start? So many great logos out there :D

I managed to narrow it down to two.


First, whoever made this managed to pull off a simple, modern yet effective design. Even better, they incorporated arrows symbolizing direction (Walk in the word) and made it into the shape of a church. Genius.


Before I even knew this logo existed I had the same idea this person had. Too bad they beat me to it. Needless to say I love this concept.

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I'm a big railfan, so I'm going to toss some old railroad logos into the ring:

The Pennsylvania Railroad:


I wish the SWB RailRiders used this as a basis for their branding. Could have had a beautiful interlocking SWB inside a keystone.

The Jersey Central:


Norfolk Southern:


There are many others that come to mind, like the Great Northern Railway, Union Pacific (shield could be inspiration for the USMNT), Norfolk Southern, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, the Great Western Railway, etc. I think my favorite is the PRR, though

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