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Mockup Arena is LIVE!


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Howdy, concepts section. Been a hot minute. Scottysprings and I hatched this brainchild a month or so ago, but I've always wanted to provide the community something like this. Basically, I've created a repository of amazing templates and mockups on a website called Mockup Arena. 


What can you find here? Great work from esteemed community members like BrandMooreArt, derschwigg, scottysprings, dmhtfld, davidson, jayjackson, myself, and soon, raysox (I think that's everyone so far). The purpose of Mockup Arena is to provide the community with professional-level templates and mockups for free, so you can continue growing as a designer and present your work in the best way possible. Remember, these are for personal use only. Don't be an a-hole with this gift to the community.


The library will be driven by community submissions, so if you have anything to contribute, feel free to submit it through the site. It's run by myself only right now, so patience as we get off the ground would be much appreciated :). And if you're a social media person, tag us on Twitter (@mockuparena) or hashtag #mockuparena on the other sites.




As a bit of an intro, and to whet your appetite, here are the three mockups I contributed to the launch:







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This is amazing, but I can't wait for the tutorials. As much as I just want to download everything and call it a day, I would love to learn how to make better templates...like these.

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Website looks incredible. Making concepts is something I've always wanted to do, so maybe this will help me get off the ground. 


Also, a question. Will the tutorials section be about making concepts or just about presentation and templates in general?

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Thanks for the kind words, gents!


To answer a few questions:


Templates: if you have them and own them, send me our way. There's a submit button on the menu that makes this easy. 


Tutorials: probably a mixture of template making and template utilization. Things like creating a vector template off a photo, or setting a logo on a helmet so that it looks like a vinyl sticker (with the clear border, etc.)


Tutorials might take a bit, as I've got a lot on the freelance plate right now. But I will definitely post here as they come up!

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