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LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 1 Voting


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For the first event, I received a total of 23 entries, but I had to disqualify one entry for not following the rules.


The requirements for this event were:




For the first event in this year’s Logolympiad, you have to design a patch commemorating an event (sporting or non-sporting) that really happened in 2006, 1996, 1991, 1966, 1941, or 1916 (10, 20, 25, 50, 75, or 100 years ago). The event you choose to represent has to be verifiable by everyone via internet. I will not accept personal events, even if you send me proof.


  • Include the years in the design, for example 1996 - 2016. You need both years on your design.
  • You may use and incorporate existing images or logos, but the overall design must be your own.


List your 3 favorites, ranked 1, 2, 3.


The vote closes on Thursday, October 20th, 11:59AM Eastern Time (three days from now).

Voting is now over.


Entries - Full album here


Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

Entry 8

Entry 9

Entry 10

Entry 11

Entry 12

Entry 13

Entry 14

Entry 15

Entry 16

Entry 17

Entry 18

Entry 19 - Entry 19 is disqualified since it is missing the years on the patch.

Entry 20

Entry 21

Entry 22


Disqualified Entries


Entry A was disqualified because the event didn’t take place 100 years ago, and will not be celebrated in 2016 but in 2018. I don’t know who sent it, as there was no username associated to the image.




The voting will be open to public voting once the event is officially over. Once the finalists have been posted in the event thread, voting will be open for 3 days.


Judging is open to all board members registered BEFORE October 1st. This is to ensure no one is voting for themselves under an alternate login.


Members may vote once per event and may not vote for their own entry (I'll know if you did, and will not count your vote). You may not disclose the identity of any of the designers of the entries until voting closes.


Voting will be via the 3-2-1 points method. Voters will be asked to post their choice for a gold, silver and bronze winner. Gold votes are worth 3 points, Silver worth 2, Bronze worth 1.

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