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XFL 2020 Logos, Names and Uniforms

The Golden One

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On 12/8/2018 at 8:35 AM, the admiral said:

Fans would be attracted to all those things if the teams weren't filled by CFL/arena rejects.


(I am just catching up with this thread; hence my response to a comment from several months ago.)


I must say that I really dislike this comment.


Even if we accept that the majority of lower-league players could not play in the NFL or the CFL, the fact remains that those players are still elite athletes. Someone who is 80% of NFL quality is nevertheless performing at an extraordinarily high level; and we see any number of individual performances in the AAF and all the indoor leagues that demonstrate this fact.  These players should not be regarded as "rejects", or equivalent to a guy who was cut from his high school team.


Furthermore, there are only so many jobs in the NFL and CFL; and only a tiny percentage of all the football players who are talented enough to play in those leagues ever get the opportunity. Notwithstanding all the scientific pretense involved in using metrics at scouting combines, scouting is in fact very dependent upon the dominant conventions (a polite way of saying "prejudices").  And even the metrics themselves become a kind of mythology; a slavish reliance on sprint times and bench presses tells us nothing about the many intangible qualities that make up a competitor.  For every NFL or CFL player, there are dozens to hundreds of other players (depending on the position) who could do the job equally well.  These guys wind up playing in the AAF and other lower leagues.


The AAF has been successful in presenting high-level competition in a way that is interesting for spectators.  The relatively good television ratings are very encouraging, and indicate that plenty of people see these players not as rejects, but, rather, as the quality professionals they are.  The XFL will also be drawing players from the enormous pool of high-quality players who do not have NFL or CFL jobs. If that league fails to match the AAF's modest success, this will be for reasons other than the level of talent available.

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11 hours ago, Brian in Boston said:

The Stallions name is not only already used by a professional sports franchise, it's currently being sported by a team in the other alternative football league.



Just saying that there are no "Stallions" in the Big 4(5) sports.  The fact that the AAF used it as a name testifies to my point that a "classic" name can be a good choice for a pro team in a startup league.  


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4 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

Many of the "classics" sound like they were for teams that were named by a bunch of old white guys back in the 20s - fitting, because at the time, the players were all "all american" white guys that looked straight out of a Rockwell painting.  It's 2019, and it's unlikely that if given the choice, neither the players nor the younger fans would come up with "pioneers" for a team name.  


I shudder at the thought of singular team names, but I also think that a new team in a new league might be better served being with the times and not playing "O6 Dress up" with it's name. 


There's a balance between going with something that has some kind of local significance, and something that's relevant to the younger fans and players.  With any new team, regardless of the league, it's said that it takes a generation to grow your fan base (unless you're a Florida baseball team), so why not go with something that hooks the youngsters?





So the question is, should a league focus on attracting 20 year olds or 45 year olds?  My vote would be for 45 year olds, with families, as the primary audience.  You don't want to alienate the younger audience, but by remaining attractive to the 45 year old mom & dad who will pay for themselves and 2-3 kids to attend a game you build a league that hopefully will lock in fans for decades.  


I suspect that the Tampa Bay Sharks would draw better and sell more merch than the Tampa Bay Mystery Ships ever would, and way more than the Tampa Bay Krunk Xtremes. 


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58 minutes ago, neo_prankster said:

Name predictions:

Austin Rattlesnakes (instead of Dallas)

Houston Drillers

Los Angeles Terminators

New York Superheroes
Tampa Bay Bubbas

St Louis Psychos

Seattle Grunge

Washington Weasels

Indiana can take Bubba back. We don't want him.

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3 hours ago, ehijar69 said:

DC Senators

New York Knights

Tampa Bay Bramas

St. Louis Stallions

Dallas Banditos

Houston Outlaws

LA Demons

Seattle Shipmen

Houston outlaws is an overwatch league team name... (yes it’s a actually a big deal look up the OWL size)

New York knights just LOOKS too close to the knicks so that’s probably also a no

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9 minutes ago, flyersfan said:

New York knights just LOOKS too close to the knicks so that’s probably also a no


There have been two Knights teams in New York.


The New York Knights of the Arena Football League in 1988:





...and the New York / New Jersey Knights of the WLAF in 1991 and 1992.







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On 3/12/2019 at 9:13 AM, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


(I am just catching up with this thread; hence my response to a comment from several months ago.)


I must say that I really dislike this comment.



I'm right there with you man, as long as the talent level is fairly equal from team to team some great and entertaining football can be played. Just look at all levels of college and even down to high school...fun stuff and the vast majority of those players ARE NOT NFL caliber.

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My XFL team name ideas:

  • Dallas Armadillos
  • Houston Wildcatters
  • Los Angeles Bulldogs
  • New York Guardians
  • St. Louis Explorers
  • Seattle Sea Kings
  • Tampa Bay Sharks
  • Washington Ambassadors


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On ‎3‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 5:52 PM, Wings said:

My list of stupid team names:


Dallas Pride

Houston Energy 

Los Angles Glitz

New York Intensity 

St. Louis Legacy

Seattle Noise

Tampa Bay Passion

DC Democracy 








I'm going to go one step further and name the XFL teams after pro wrestling:


Dallas Claw (Fritz Von Erich's finisher)

Houston Suckas

Los Angeles Superstars

New York Powerslams

St. Louis Vipers (Randy Orton)

Seattle Vegans (Daniel Bryan)

Tampa Bay Sky Pirates

DC Animals (Batista)

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