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2024 NFL Changes

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7 minutes ago, Brave-Bird 08 said:

Why wouldn't the Texans use the opportunity to enrich an alternate in the light blue instead of just using it as trim? That alternate is a major disappointment, especially because the numerals are red but the H is blue, so it's going to look disjointed. 

Probably because they'd get heat from Tennessee, and maybe they did and this is the compromise.

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1 hour ago, Sodboy13 said:

I had forgotten the Jaguars briefly had striped black pants before going all leotard. If the '98 throwbacks got made permanent, I wouldn't be averse.




Was this paired with black socks? If so, no thank you.

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On 4/15/2024 at 2:21 PM, fouhy12 said:

Taking a stab at some predictions here:


1. will be the classic blue over white, and a mirror of the road uniform but without the stripes. the "traditional" is sticking with blue over white, the "classic" is just a plain jersey design.

2. the new road uniform, as we know. "traditional" is white over blue, "modernized" is the bull stripe on the sleeve

3. some kind of all red uniform. will include the bull stripe on the sleeve and maybe bull horns on a red helmet like the eagles or rams helmets

4. an all blue uniform that incorporates h-town blue and uses some h-town logo on the helmet

Nailed it.

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Alright, I've got to say, after seeing them on players and not the retail version/retail render leak, these are really nice. 


- home uniform is classy as hell, it really lets that great primary logo do the work, which I appreciate. 

- road is rather meh, I just think the colorway is dull b/c the numbers are now dark blue instead of red

- you can tell that the red helmet is really the core focus of this redesign, and they kind of worked backwards from there. It's freaking great. I just don't like the all-red uniform, it's really loud. 

- the H-Town alternate isn't the game changer I think we envisioned it, in fact I am pretty bored with it 


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14 minutes ago, officeglenn said:


- Primary navy jerseys are fine but too plain

- White and Red jerseys are sweet but wished the bull horn faced the opposite way to match the helmet

- Red helmet is amazing. Wished white was included in the horn but that’s nitpicking

- Hate the blood clot look, wished they would pair the red helmet and jersey with white pants

- H Town uniform is unnecessary 


Overall a good update but I don’t know if it’s an upgrade

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Quick observations looking at the photos on the Texans Website:


- Home and Color Rush jersey seem like lateral/downgrades. The simply removed the accents on the sleeves and added the logo in place of numbers and moved the numbers to the TV spot on the home. The home uniforms I will say I think pop a bit more with the new collar colors, but it still comes off safe.

- The Road and Red jerseys I really like. I wish all of the uniforms would have been this style with the horns on the sleeves. It would've at least looked more interesting across the board.

- Pants all have stripes thanks Jesus. Would not have enjoyed seeing them without stripes.

- I don't know the specifics, but I would prefer if the H-Town blue on the Color Rush was the actual number color and not the trim, but I'm sure the Titans would have had a word with them.

- I don't *hate* the H-Town Helmet, however having the recolored Texans logo that shows up on the H-town uniform instead of the "H" would have looked better (I.e. swap out the Texans head and English H on the uniforms)

- The Red helmet is actually pretty much the best part of the set. They should  hopefully move that to primary status and add white to balance that out. 


Overall, the set is fine. I don't hate it, but some of it seems more lateral  to me than a pure upgrade. I think there are a few things that could (and maybe will) change down the road but they seems serviceable enough and at least they'll still look like the Texans for the most part****


****I doubt they'll deviate from Mono-blue though so they'll get confused for the Titans or Seahawks at first glance. 

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2 minutes ago, bowld said:
















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"You are nothing more than a small cancer on this message board. You are not entertaining, you are a complete joke."


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