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London 2012 Unveils Logo


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Not sure if this has been posted, but the proposed design for the Chicago 2016 Olymics has been disallowed because of a rule from the IOC that states "shall not contain the Olympic symbol, the Olympic motto, the Olympic flag, any other Olympic-related imagery [such as] flame, torch, medal, etc." Which is a real shame, because this would of been a GREAT rebound from London.



The Chicago logo was indeed already discussed here.

Actually, according to one of the articles cited on that thread, Olympic imagery is only prohibited for the bid logos. If Chicago is actually awarded the 2016 Games, the rule no longer applies, so conceivably they could just bring this logo back (although as I mentioned on that thread, at first glance the logo looked more to me like Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back than a torch).

If Chicago does get the games, that's exactly what I would expect them to do.

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You know what really boggles my mind? The news outlets are reporting that this logo took one year to design. Thats right, a whole year. I can't imagine any logo taking a year to design, let alone this piece of garbage. I know that they are not going to change it, but if they just looked at the thousands of signatures on that petition, they would realize that would be the best move. Who is gonna buy merchandise with the logo on it if they cant stand the logo. I'm a "young person" (as they call it), and this logo does not appeal to me at all. If you didnt know that that was an olympic logo, you probably wouldnt be able to figure it out (granted, you would have to remove the olympic rings). Bottom line, its pathetic. I was excited waiting for the logo, what a dissapointment.

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London 2012 logo footage withdrawn amid epilepsy fears

LONDON (Reuters) - Animated footage promoting the logo for the 2012 London

Olympic Games was removed from the organizers' Web site on Tuesday amid concern it could trigger epileptic fits.

The video clip shows a diver plunging into a pool as part of a campaign to promote the jagged Olympic logo, a graffiti-like blow-up of the number 2012 in a range of colors including hot pink and electric blue.

A London 2012 spokeswoman said the concerns surrounded a four-second piece of animation shown at the logo's launch on Monday and recorded by broadcasters.

Emphasizing that it was not the logo itself which was the focus of health worries, she said: "This concerns a short piece of animation which we used as part of the logo launch event and not the actual logo."

"It was a diver diving into a pool which had multi-color ripple effects," the spokeswoman said.

Critics of the emblem have described it as "hideous," while organizers called it powerful and modern.

The clip's removal follows comments by Professor Graham Harding, an expert in clinical neuro-physiology who developed a test used to measure photo-sensitivity levels in animated TV material.

"The logo should not be shown on TV at all at the moment," Harding told the BBC. "It fails Harding FPA machine test which is the machine the television industry uses to test images."

He said the footage did not comply with regulatory guidelines.

Charity Epilepsy Action noted there had been reports that people had had seizures while watching the animated footage.

The BBC reported on its Web site that a listener had rung its London radio station to say he and his girlfriend had suffered seizures while watching it.

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I really don't like that logo. Screams Zoizdon to me

I rather a simpler logo than that one. Something that just says London-2012

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At least we can hope for NBC to commission John Williams for another sweet theme song.

They may decide that John Williams isn't hip enough for all the cool young people out there. "Zip Zap Rap" may be a more fitting anthem to go along with the London 2012 logo...


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