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Jon Gruden out?


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I cant believe it

I know you're saying it as a figure of speech...but Adam "I Never Report a Lie" Schefter broke the news, so it's true. Gruden's done in Tampa.

Gruden AND Allen must've really had a falling out with the owner to lose their job. Things were looking relatively stable over there.

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I, as a Bucs fan, didn't see this coming. I think that's a good thing for Jon. When Monte announced he was leaving to join his quitter son, the team :censored: the bed losing four straight when they needed to win one. I guess a lot of fans and players don't like him so who knows. I just don't see any big names to come out and be the coach/gm unless they will lure Bill Cower or someone out of retirement. Those HOF coaches won't come out to coach a team of stars in their late 30's though.

On a side note...next up for my teams...firing of Michel Terrien in Pitts. And on yet another side, rvrdgsfn, I leveled you up.

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Well, I'm a bit shocked. No, let me reword that. I'm absolutely stunned. And I as well would be absolutely :censored: ing livid had Bruce Allen not been axed as well. But truth be told, Bruce Allen needed to go long ago. Gruden was just (worthy) collateral damage IMO. It's definitely not a good way to can a coach who brought you tons of success, but the Glazers are completely classless and will unceremoniously drop just about anyone. Just look what they did to Dungy.

I'm hoping for:

Raheem Morris

Mike Shanahan

Bill Cower

Tony Dungy (Yeah yeah, I know. Aint gonna happen)

Hats off to Gruden, he will forever be one of my favorite coaches and I have nothing but good wishes for him. I hope he finds a ton of success in the future. Just as long as it's not against the Bucs ;)

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According Mark Shlereth(sp?) and John Clayton, Gruden himself was totally caught by surprise with this. When asked what he thought Gruden's immediate plans were, Clayton said, "spending the weekend fuming over this." He also said early assumptions are that Morris will be promoted to Head Coach and some other guy, internally, to GM.

And screw you Jets fans. Come to St. Louis, Jonny! :)

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Mort is reporting on his ESPN radio show that apparently Glazer just called them in for a run-of-the-mill post-season/state of the team meeting and that a firing wasn't really in order, then things became really heated between the group and both Gruden and Allen end-up losing their jobs...they literally never saw it coming.

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I'll speak as the local Tampa-area Bucs fan...does the timing surprise me, yes. Does it surprise me that it happened not really. Gruden really hasn't succeeded where it counts (December and January) and the year he had the most success wasn't even his team, he just took what Dungy built. He''s been here 7 years and hasn't done a thing of his own.

All in all I am excited to see which direction the Bucs go, and I"ll be fine if Raheem Morris is promoted and the GM comes from within, I just don't remember his name.

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