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  2. My mind is on the home white jersey, which I believe generated this discussion in the first place. Having said that, I don't see forest green and purple working together on a solid color alternate. The Rockies current purple jersey is rather decent.
  3. The White Sox have been doing it for almost 30 years and nobody seems to mind. Just flip grey/silver and white on the home and road sets. It’s not like this concept is new territory for the Rockies. Purple/silver would be fantastic.
  4. Why the heck is this series going the distance? Washington should've been done with Carolina 2 games ago. Now, they have to deal with an old buddy, the two words that send shivers through the spine of any Caps fan; GAME. SEVEN. Why do I have a sickening feeling in my stomach that Washington is going to lay a wet [censored] on the ice in Game 7?
  5. What else do the Thunder need? They got two superstars on their roster, but can only muster a six seed and a first round exit. As much as I hate to say it, George would've been better off in Los Angeles.
  6. See that's exactly why I think it would work a lot better for the Rockies than it ever did for the Bucks. They'd be in white or grey 80% of the time and the alternates would each lean heavily on one color and would still have white or grey pants. I didn't like the Bucks look as much as I could have because the colors are so loud and there is nowhere to hide from them. In this proposal though I have a problem with the hat, I don't think the new purple is great for the crown of a primary cap but I have trouble picturing the green cap looking good unless we're talking a darker green than the bucks used. Possibly A's colored, but that might be a strange look too after getting so used to black hats for the Rockies.
  7. Hi everyone! I’m back from that little hiatus. Life is really busy for me around this time of the year so i may post slower but don’t worry, I don’t plan on taking another 3 weeks off. There’s not much more to say except that I’m here to post the 1888 season! So let’s jump right into it. In the 1888 season we saw a big shift in power. The Sugarmen not finishing in the top 2 in the first time in league history! Irvine missing part of the season with illness and injury dragged Boston down, who barely finished outside of the championship series. One game behind a Valentines who looked like the best team in the League, even if the standings don’t show it. On top were the Millers. Who, after pursuing it for what seems like forever, finally reaching the championship. The rest of the league were one step behind the top 3. Springfield coming the closest. 13 games behind Boston. The Deacons who have been forgettable for most of their existence, are starting to get weary of how much longer they’ll be around. Under new ownership, a dwindling fanbase and less money coming in each year, the next might be their last in Springfield if they don’t turn things around. Finally the bottom three stayed the same. Hartford, New York, and Brooklyn, who, might also be weary of the existence if they don’t start to win. Over in the USBL’s 1888 season we saw Hamilton and Louisville keep their dominance, and the Generals saga hit an all-time low. Covington who posted their first losing record in team history. Looking to bounce back after a disappointing season, things only got worse. With a roster strong enough to make the championship, they slipped under .500. If that wasn’t bad enough, the owner threatened to relocated to Cincinnati if things don’t improve. In other news, the Crusaders, the new kids on the block, after playing their first season, might already be folding. Supported financially by a local church, who also provide a playing field. Have decided to not support the team any longer. Separating themselves from the team after the they allowed the play of African-American; Thomas Jones. Rounding out the rest of the league is Dayton and Evansville, Dayton, who posted the highest increase in wins this season, are looking to possibly make a championship. The Eagles who have been pretty forgettable so far, are finally getting things together. The Railers however aren’t, having not done much winning at all find themselves in the basement again. Now for my championship predictions. In the NEBL i think Worcester while not clinching the one seed will finish this off pretty easily in 4 or 5 games. Manchester making their first appearance, don’t have near the experience that the Valentines have which will play crucial to this series. Next year should be more interesting, should they make it back. The USBL is a different story. Louisville is back after making it last year. And in this rematch i think they might even have the upper hand. Hamilton was as dominant as ever. And with a big series by Reynolds, they could win. But i think Louisville could win a couple clutch ones on the road and win in 7. C&C highly appreciated, share your predictions for the Championship Series' and how your team did! I might also look into some sigs if anyone is interested, it might be a bit early though.
  8. Silver as a second color would be hard to do simply because it would blend in with grey, which is a neutral color for the away uniform. For a football, basketball, or hockey team? It can work. But not for baseball IMO. I just want Colorado to go with purple and white, but for some reason, teams with just one color can't resist adding black to their uniforms.
  9. Yes the field was very worn and washed out. The darker green around the turf was actually real grass. Very odd set up for a Professional Team...that was not half bad.
  10. Caps need to get their act together. The second line, headed up by Evgeny Kuznetsov, may as well stayed home for the last six games because they’ve been invisible. Yeah the no-goal was stupid imo but the response to that needs to be more energy, not conceding. Carolina has flat-out wanted it more in each of their three wins. It’s funny, coming into this series if I could’ve handpicked a team to lose to, it would’ve been the Canes. I’ve got a close friend who is a big fan, the players seem pretty likeable, they’re young and fresh and haven’t been in the playoffs for a decade. Funny what losing three important games to a team will do to you.
  11. I don't think it's any louder than the Dbacks original purple and teal that many want back. Here's an example of purple and silver: Idk how silver would be implemented past trim. Their baseball team doesn't have any sign of silver: I do think a dark charcoal gray instead of black would look good. I would love to see charcoal in MLB, similar to the "Black Jays" gray.
  12. Id honestly love to see these bunch of jerks take game 7.
  13. What the hell are you doing, Capitals? This series shoulda been over by now.
  14. Unless (and even if) they're doing two-a-days, that's really not a lot of time.
  15. Not D1 but in D3's USA South Athletic Conference, Greensboro College Pride of Greensboro, NC rebranded last week. I'm a fan of how the placement of the lions, Leo & Leona, were changed to be presented as equals. Lure Design of Orlando, FL assisted with the design. There is a new Lions over GC logo too. If you're not familiar with Greensboro College, it's a liberal arts college with 1000-1300 students sandwiched between UNC Greensboro & North Carolina A&T. Article Old New
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  17. That no-goal was bologna. Why are you intending to blow the whistle if it’s clear the goalie doesn’t have control of the puck?
  18. Yeah. Those are not as good as some of you want them to be. For the life of me, I actually can't think of a PRIMARY yellow football (pro or college) uniform that's good. I actually can't even think of many yellow alternates that are all that great. Again, I think yellow is a perfectly *fine* alternate look for the Rams, but it should not be the primary.
  19. I Kings haven't worn gold/yellow longer than they did wear gold/yellow.
  20. Was the turf color just washed out or unusually light for this field? It's probably one of the lighter turf fields out there. The Breakers at least did a good job making the field really feel like a home field with a full helmet logo at midfield and fully painted endzones. I'm hoping we see more of what the AAF was able to do in terms of field designs in the XFL.
  21. That was....harsh. Oh well. Constant drinking until Tuesday it is.
  22. Target Field also has similar shadows and no retractable roof. Never been any serious complaints as far as I'm aware. I think the Nats need to do some personal reflection about why they're really losing. Also, look how terrible and blobby the Marlins logo looks in the Fox Sports logo posted above. What a total mess of a rebrand.
  23. I would like it if we heard less about 30 teams and more about shoring up the ship as is, given the sorry state of a few teams. But I guess every real league needs its stragglers, for relocation threats.
  24. If it's coming in at 90+ mph, you don't need to pick up the spin.. it's a fastball
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