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The 2014-2015 NHL Boondoggle


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They can legitimately contend this year if they can stay healthy. I don't think they will win it all, or even make it to the SCF, but that is also because I have officially given up ever being optimistic for my teams as it always backfires.

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An awkwardly clean-shaven Barry Melrose predicted Blackhawks over Bruins in this year's cup final.

This basically means we'll see a Coyotes/Red Wings final.

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There are people legitimately picking the Lightning to win the Eastern Conference this season and, my God, that just feels too weird.

Other than the Bruins, there isn't a sexy pick out there out of the East. I wouldn't be surprised if Tampa gets past the conference semis.

Since we're going on predictions here...

Desired Stanley Cup Final:

Kings vs. Bruins

Expected Stanley Cup Final:

Blackhawks vs. Bruins

Dark-Horse Teams:

Flyers, Wild

Team Who'll Likely Regress:


Most Lovable Team:

Blue Jackets

Teams I Wish Bad Fortunes On:

Blues, Sharks (for obvious reasons...)
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Oh DBA. I can see I'm gonna like you this hockey season.

Can't wait to have Dave Strader tell me a bunch of times tonight that San Jose lost a 3-0 lead. Did you guys know that? No, really, did you? DID YOU!?

I'm also intrigued at seeing how difficult this new Central division is going to be. With the increase in firepower, I wonder if the injury bug will finally bite Chicago more come playoff time.

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"Finally"? You forget that Toews was rushed back from a concussion in 2012, Patrick Sharp was banged up last year, Martin Havlat got knocked out of the playoffs and Chicago on a concussive Kronwall hit, they were without Dave Bolland for half of the Vancouver series of 2011, Brian Campbell for part of 2010, and of course that time Raffi Torres killed a busload of children. They've been no more immune to injuries than anyone else.

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I've been watching Soccer for too long, I was hoping for both teams to tie so that neither of them would get two points. In all fairness, there's a side of me that hates the Habs slightly less than the Leafs, so small victory there.

Leafs fans, Stuart Percy looked pretty good tonight, didn't he?

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