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This is October: 2014 MLB Postseason Thread


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Wow Matt Carpenter the Cardinals just can pick up anybody and he can come up big. Dodgers are choking away and Don Mattingly is the biggest anchor on that team

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Of the remaining playoff teams:

Orioles: Roman Reigns

Tigers: Big Show

Angels: John Cena

Royals: Daniel Bryan

Giants: Dean Ambrose

Nationals: Seth Rollins

Dodgers: Rusev

Cardinals: Randy Orton

The only one I feel strongly about is Randy Orton. He's from St. Louis and everything.

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How does Mattingly keep a tiring Kershaw in there to face Matt Carpenter who has been killing him?

It was actually Kershaw who persuaded Donnie to stay...and he promptly got bukakied for it. Mattingly, however, is responsible for stupidly taking out Grienke in the 8th tonight, in time for Carpenter to troll the Dodgers again.

Particularly nervous for Games 3 and 4 in St. Louis, knowing the Dodgers need at least one road win to get the series. But lifetime in the postseason, LA is only 1-8 against the Cardinals in Missouri.

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That was another crazy game in LA. Mattingly should have never let anybody but Grienke and Jansen pitch in this game, and I said that as he was pulling Grienke. Not sure what he was thinking.

Taking advantage of that, the Cardinals once again fight back. It's crazy. I'm not mad about the loss, I love that they never seem out of it.

My one major frustration from this game comes from a botched review in the third that led to the Dodgers scoring an extra run. I share this here not to complain (that gets saved for Twitter, and I'm just not frankly that mad tonight), but because it's actually an interesting scenario.

With men on first and third and nobody out, Dee Gordon grounded to 2B Kolten Wong. Wong phantom tagged Grienke about a third of the way past first by getting him with the glove while the ball was in his other hand, and then threw to first for the apparent double play. And the umps called it as such.

A review was initiated, and seemed clear that Grienke couldn't be called out on the tag. He was awarded 2B. And he ultimately scored on an Adrian Gonzalez single.

Here's the issue. Grienke was about 1/3 of the way past first towards second. He was hoping sideways trying to evade the tag (I'm not sure it was enough to talk about the baseline, though), so he had no speed. When he was called out, he left the field. Under no circumstances does awarding him 2B make sense.

The umps are tasked with giving him the base that they believe he would have reached had the call been made correctly. In all likelihood, that base would have been no base. If the ump had signaled safe/no-tag, Cardinal 1B Matt Adams would have had plenty of time to throw down to 2B after receiving the throw from Wong to double off Grienke. Even you don't feel like you can call an out on assumption, you can still judge that he would have been out had he carried on towards 2B and thus award him the last base he was safely at—1B.

Either of those scenarios would have meant he didn't come around to score. And it was a pretty big run.

But game impact aside, it's an interesting occurrence with instant replay that would have never arisen before. Hopefully MLB is keeping track of some of these things so they can further clarify the rules on them for next season. Replay always was going to be a work in progress, and I don't love their system, but I'd much rather have it than not.

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