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Best College Baseball Hats


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10 hours ago, See Red said:

This has always been my favorite:




Took me YEARS to find a USA made polyester version of that cap. Even had it without the New Era logo on the side. Then somebody broke into my car and stole it from me :( 

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Like many of others mentioned I like that Texas uses a unique logo for baseball:




On the homer side, while BYU has been wearing a royal version of their normal block Y as a part of an alternate set, I wish they would just use their vintage 80-90's block Y logo that was unique to the baseball team:








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7 hours ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:

WVU baseball used to use this logo exclusively:




But it was phased out in the past few years for the usual flying WV logo (which I don't think looks too good on a baseball hat)






I don't know, the flying WVU logo is so solid.  I'd put it on everything.  I just think their logo is Hartford Whalers good.

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I always prefer basic letters for the most part. So I like the simplicity of Lamar's LU. The logo hat isn't bad, but I think it will be gone next year. The head coach in waiting, Will Davis, prefers the block letters. Retiring Jim Gilligan likes the logo. 




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