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Fun With Flags!!!!


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1 hour ago, Foxxtrot44 said:

New flag for the state of Utah to be voted on during the next legislative session




picked from these options



There were simpler, arguably better, designs but I can't blame them for wanting to have mountain imagery. Would launch Utah out of the "we slapped a seal on navy" crowd.

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1 hour ago, seasaltvanilla said:

Yes, but the text doesn't contribute to it being good or unique. It's an extraneous element that can easily be dumped.




This now looks like some sort of Alaskan, Space Force or United Federation of Planets flag.

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On 11/13/2022 at 7:28 PM, Ark said:

I disagree with the idea that a flag has to check certain boxes to be considered good. For example, Brazil's flag commits one of the Unholy Sins (text on a flag) and is still really good IMO



Every rule has exceptions. The exceptions don't invalidate the rule.

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