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My first...


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...game that I attended


MLB - Baltimore at Seattle

NBA - L.A. Lakers at Seattle

NFL - Cincinnati at Seattle (scab game in 1987, oh well, it still counts)

NHL - Calgary at Vancouver

NCAA football - California at Washington

WHL - Saskatoon at Seattle

MLS - New York at Seattle

Sporting event - Alberta at Anchorage (CBA)

World Cup game - Romania vs. Colombia

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NBA - Cavaliers at Jazz, March 2001

MLB - Orioles at Mariners, August 12, 2015 (Hisashi Iwakuma's no hitter - AWESOME game)

MLS - Montreal at RSL, July 9, 2016

NCAAF - Wyoming at BYU, November 2002

NFL, NHL - None


I'm a little fuzzy on my first NCAAB game, but I believe it was San Diego State vs BYU sometime around 2004 or 2005. 

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NFL - Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins (October 25, 2015)

MLB - Philadelphia Phillies @ San Francisco Giants (Sometime in 1999; too young to remember exact date)


NHL - New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals (February 25, 2011)

NCAAF - Minnesota @ Ohio State (November 2, 2002)

NCAAB - Northwestern @ Ohio State (February 18, 2006)

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  • MLB - Brewers at Twins, 1981.  My dad thought I may be a bit too young but the Metrodome was coming next season and he wanted to get me to an outdoor game.  I was seven so I remember some of it.  That it was the Brewers was kinda cool since I've now seen the Twins vs. the Brewers in five ballparks.
  • NBA - Bulls at Timberwolves, 1989.  First ever regular season T-Wolves home game.  Sat very, very far away at the Metrodome.
  • NFL - Bucs at Vikings, mid-1980s.  From about the 4th row.  Creamsicle (white uniform) Bucs!  (Edit: I think that was #2...#1 was the Steelers in the mid-1980s)
  • NHL - Capitals at North Stars, mid 1980s. Ended in a tie.  4-4, I wanna say.
  • NCAA football - Ohio State at Minnesota, 1981.  Again, my dad brought me for a last shot at an outdoor game.  I barely remember this one at all but Minnesota won on a comeback and, according to him, it was one of the best games he's ever seen
  • NCAA basketball - Minnesota Gophers, early-to-mid-1980s.  Opponent?
  • NCAA hockey - Minnesota Gophers, mid-1980s.  Opponent? 
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There's a lot of leagues I've never seen play, but are on my sports bucket list.


NFL: Titans at Colts, 2011. This was the year that my beloved Colts went 2-14 without Peyton Manning, but this game was their first win of the season. Donald Brown had 161 yards rushing which is like, off the charts for the Colts.

NBA: Never Been

MLB: Blue Jays at Indians, 2009..? My grandma retired from teaching, and my family took her to an Indians game as a gift.

NHL: Never Been

NCAA football: Ohio State at Illinois, 2008...? My dad and his brothers go to an Ohio State away game every year, and I was lucky enough to be one of the boys that day.

NCAA Basketball: Never Been


Hopefully I can add to my list as I get older, but if I end up with the job I want, I should have no problem with that.

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MLB: September 6, 1998: Mets vs. Braves at Shea Stadium. Braves won 4-0 on a 3-hit shutout by John Smoltz.

NBA: 1999: A Nets game at the Meadowlands, soon after the lockout ended.

NHL: November 14, 2007: Rangers vs. Devils at the Prudential Center, (yeah, took me that long to get to an NHL game for some reason). Rangers won 4-2 - it was their first game at the new Prudential Center. You can imagine that the NJ Transit train back to Penn Station was packed with Rangers fans that night.

NFL: Never been to a game, believe it or not. Guess it's a combination of super-expensive tickets, liking to be home to watch multiple games on Sundays, and cold weather (you couldn't pay me to sit outside at a chilly November/December game).

NCAA basketball: 1999: A Fairfield-Marist game at the old Alumni Hall at Fairfield University.


Curiously enough, none of these were at my favorite teams' home venues. I'm a Yankees, Knicks, and Rangers fan, and couldn't care less about Fairfield University. Wound up going to my first game at Yankee Stadium a mere week after my first MLB game at Shea, though.

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Man, I'm old.  Most of these are in the 70s for me, so my memory is little hazy.  I think NFL is Patriots @ Colts in 1974.  Everything else would be just a guess.*


I can tell you that my son's first NFL game was Raiders @ Ravens in 2006 and his first NBA game was Pelicans @ Wizards about two months ago.


* -- Except World Cup.  Norway vs. Mexico, 1994.  RFK  Stadium.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies, 2007

NBA: Orlando Magic at Utah Jazz, December 9th (I think??), 2010

NFL: Yet to attend

NHL: Yet to attend

MLS: Yet to attend (though RSL is minutes away)

NCAA Football: Not sure who they played, but at Utah State in August or September 2007

NCAA Basketball: Similar to NCAA fooball, but at Utah State in November 2007

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NHL: Penguins-Flyers sometime in the late 90's

NBA: Thunder at Nuggets game 3 of the first round of the 2011 playoffs. The only NBA game I've ever been to. 

MLB: I don't even know. I've been going to Reds games since I was a toddler. The first I remember was a Reds-Mets game in what would've been 1993 because they had their new uniforms and I remember that because my dad and some stranger were remarking about how their new uniforms weren't helping. 

NFL: Bengals-Dolphins 1995 aka the Shula Bowl. Bengals lost on a missed field goal. 

NCAAF: Ohio State-Purdue 1995. Eddie George ran all over the Boilermakers

MLS: Crew-DC United 1996

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MLB: Rangers @ Red Sox, May 6, 1989.  Old-Timers Day honor Carl Yastrzemski.  My dad who grew up during the 60s and 70s wanted me to be able to say that I saw Carl Yastrzemski (even if he wasn't playing)

NFL: Raiders @ Patriots, January 19, 2002. The Snow Bowl (or the Tuck Rule game for those outside of New England).  With the Pats on their miracle run, and earning a home playoff spot to close out Foxboro Stadium, I wanted to be able to see the last possible game ever played there.  Worst conditions but probably the best football game I have ever been to.

NHL: Flyers @ Bruins, I'll get the dates.  It was one of the Playoff games...I think from 2010.  Great atmosphere.  been to many more since.

MLS: CD Chivas USA @ Revolution.  Meh, it was a soccer game.  I think it ended in a tie

NBA: Yet to attend.  Didn't get to go during the Bird era unfortunately.  90s felt to showboaty for my taste.  Just not into it enough to spend the money

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MLB: Cincinnati at LA Dodgers (1998; I might have the date wrong, but I just remember that the Dodgers lost badly and the Reds were wearing their gray vests with the black sleeves)

Auto Racing: Long Beach Grand Prix (2003)

MLS: San Jose at LA Galaxy (2004)

NHL: Phoenix at Los Angeles (2005/2006, don't quite remember the exact date, but I know it was pre RBK-Edge as the Kings still had their purple hem on the black sweater)

NBA: Lakers at Clippers (2009; this was Andrew Bynum's 42 point game)

NCAAF: Houston at UCLA (2012)

NFL: Dallas at San Diego (2013)


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MLB: Expos at Braves, either 1990 or 1991.  Expos had Oil Can Boyd pitching, and I think the Expos won 11-2 or something like that. (First game I remember)

NFL: Eagles at Falcons, Week 1 in 2005 (MNF). Documented that before.

NBA: Hornets at Hawks, 1998, Game 3 of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Only game the Hawks won in the series. Held at Georgia Dome.

NHL: Islanders at Thrashers, 1999 or 2000.  Inaugural season.

NCAAF: Western Carolina at Georgia Tech, 1994: Only game Georgia Tech won that season.

NCAAB: Duke at Georgia Tech, 2012. Game held at Philips Arena. Only attended because we had a Hawks game that night.

MLS: NY Red Bull at Atlanta United, March 5, 2017.

Olympic Event: Archery at Stone Mountain Park, 1996 Atlanta Olympics

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(I tried to go in chronological order.)


Sporting event - Oilers vs. Cowboys (in Orlando for some reason) Preseason, 1995

NASCAR - 1998 Daytona 500 (Dale Earnhardt's only 500 win)

NCAAF - N.C. State vs. Kansas, 2003 Champs Sports Bowl (Orlando)

NFL - Jets at Buccaneers, preseason, August, 2006

NCAAB - Toledo at Florida State, March, 2007 (NIT 1st round)

MLB - Braves at Marlins, July 1, 2007

NHL - Penguins at Lightning, March, 2010

NBA - Magic at Hawks, Feb. 2016

MLS - Atlanta United vs. NY Red Bulls, March, 2017 (Atlanta's inaugural match!)

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NFL: Jaguars @ Redskins (1997 season)

NBA: Chicago Bulls @ Washington Bullets (95-96 season)

MLB: Mariners @ Nationals (2005 season)

NHL: Bruins @ Capitals (regular season finale 2013 season)

WNBA: Washington Mystics home game. Forgot their opponent (inaugural season)

Arena Football: Baltimore Brigade @ Washington Valor (April 7, 2017)

MLS: Toronto FC @ DC United (2015 season)

FBS College Football: Syracuse @ Maryland (I think 1990)

Division 1 College Basketball: Hampton @ Howard (women & men double header in 2000)

MAJOR D1 Basketball: DuPaul @ Georgetown (want to say 2010)

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MLB - Brewers (I think) at Jays, Exhibition Stadium, not sure the year, I'll say 1986.

- vivid memory: classic steel RF line gen admission benches ftw.

NHL - Nordiques at Senators, Ottawa Civic Centre, December 1992.

- vivid memory: 6-1 Nords blowout, young Sundin physical specimen.

CFL - Roughriders at Rough Riders, Lansdowne Park, early 90's.

- vivid memory: bright sunny evening.

NBA - Knicks at Raptors, Air Canada Centre, late 90's.

- vivid memory: nearly soaking up the new arena as much as the game itself.

AAA - Someone at the Ottawa Lynx, Lynx Stadium, mid 90's.

- vivid memory: Mark Grudzielanek was the only player I recognized at the time.
Soccer - Uruguay v Mexico Pan Am gold medal match, Pan Am Soccer Stadium, Hamilton 2015.

- vivid memory: hot yet pleasant afternoon, fun vocal crowd.

Olympics (hockey) - Switzerland v USA, Canada Hockey Place, 2010.

- vivid memory: arriving early enough to soak up the entire Olympics experience/pre-game, & also fun energy waiting for games 2 (Norway v Canada) & nightcap (Lativa v Russia) I had sick tickets for all 3 (I'd 'won' my choice of tickets to buy 18mos out, I was well planned ahead).



You can probably see, as a kid, my mom's side of the family was Ottawa based & were frequent attendees with tickets.


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