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Worst New Logo


what is the worst new (recent) logo or uniform set?  

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And thereby, Cyclopsis, I hate YOU.

The Thrashers are awesome. The flying T logo is the best of all time in sports ever.

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"Worst logo? It's your mother's logo. That one sucks. It also bites and blows." :P

You forgot "stink", thank you. And PLEASE stop bashing members' families!

"I better go take a long walk off a short pier or something."

Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

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I voted for the Jazz because for whatever reason, it says both "Utah" and "Jazz" in it. Anyone understand what's up with that? Not to mention, all of the colors are too damn similar. The old logo was crappy, and the new logo is barely better. Still sucks, though.

And I'll add that having watched the Grizzlies/Rockets game tonight, I really do like the Grizzlies logo. I think it looks great at center court.


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I thought the new Padres logo was awful until I saw the Bobcats logo.

I love the old orange-navy logo of the Friars.


It's great to be young and a Giant! - Larry Doyle

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Sorry Canada! I picked other. The Edmonton RoadRunners. First of all it looks like Woody Woodpecker hit a window. Second I ve been to Canada many times and I dont think I have ever seen a roadrunner up there.

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